Namaste: Reconnect With Your Spiritual Self

Jun 6, 2022

Spirituality is everywhere. The air, sky, and nature are all a part of a greater picture. Philosophers, religions, and people have conversations and beliefs concerning what spirituality is. Yet, no one can agree on one definition. What if the spiritual self isn’t something others define, but something a person creates?

Defining Spirituality

So many have talked about spirituality throughout the ages because it’s a broad concept. People’s perspectives make their beliefs unique and give them a sense of association with something greater than themselves. Some find peace while in nature or painting. Others will find their spirituality is rooted in acts of kindness or practicing a religion. Regardless of where your spirituality comes from, your relationship with it matters.

Your Personal Relationship With Spirituality

Your relationship with yourself can determine your connection with a higher power. Unfortunately, substance addiction can pull you away from your beliefs and values. You didn’t lose those beliefs and values, though. Even in your darkest moments, your spirituality remains – and because it remains, it motivates you to commit yourself to change.

Change comes in all forms. For you, change may look like entering a substance addiction treatment program. Once there, you can begin to repair your body and mind. Over time, you can start to feel the support and comfort of your higher power. Maybe the connection started when you began to participate in 12-Step meetings. Many 12-Step meetings ask you believe in a higher power. 

Higher power doesn’t mean you have to follow one specific religion. Instead, think of a higher power as something that brings you inner peace. For some, inner peace means hiking up a mountain or watching a sunset. Many combine their spirituality, creating a working version of belief and connection. For instance, someone can find peace in yoga and marvel at the body their higher power gave them. Having spirituality can mean finding peace in action (e.g., surfing) while reconnecting with your higher power.

Spirituality in Life

Have you noticed that some forms have a section asking you to identify your religious affiliation? The list includes Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or Agnostic. These are a few forms of spirituality that exist on earth. However, those boxes don’t include how you feel about your spirituality.

Spirituality is personal. You can go to church, read the Bible, and follow its Commandments, but does that mean you’re spiritual? In reality, spirituality is more than reading or believing. It’s living a life guided by your beliefs. For example, Galatians 6:2 is a reminder that you weren’t meant to be alone in life. Applying your views with your actions says a lot about your faith. A kind word, an offer to help, or being there for a loved one is sharing your spirituality with others. Your love and care are needed by others, as is their love and care for you. When you help someone struggling, your offer to help is meaningful to both you and them.

Find Meaning

Is finding meaning in life significant? Is there meaning at all? These are questions you might ask yourself when you’re in despair. Perhaps, as your addiction increased, you lost hope or faith in anything more significant than yourself. Substance addiction treatment asks you to find meaning in your life. First, your therapist can guide you to understand how alcohol or drugs affect your well-being. Then, you can work on discovering what you need to heal and become one again.

Hindus believe in the concept of a Divine Self. They believe the Divine Self occurs on a higher level than your soul. The Divine Self is within everyone. It’s the self essence of the Universe living in you. Your light, life, and motivation within come from this essence. The power of the Divine Self is what makes you speculate and gives you strength. Your spiritual journey began with the essence and knew about you before birth.

Christians believe in one God who created the earth, universe, heaven, and all creatures from love. God’s love made all creations unique and good. Jesus, God’s son, was human and divine. His teachings and miracles confirm God’s love and will. Furthermore, the Holy Spirit is tasked with bestowing life and is also proof of God’s presence in the world. God knew and loved you before you were born. God’s universal love and light created you.

You can find the love needed to reconnect with your inner light through your spirituality. You can find meaning in life. The first step to reigniting your inner light when consumed by your substance addiction is to begin treatment.


While spirituality exists within you and the universe, you can ignite its promise by finding healthy activities that connect your body and mind. For example, yoga guides you to let go of everything that brings you physical or mental harm. You focus on the present and listen to your body as you practice yoga. Every move was created to help you release negative energy and allow love and light in. It also aids you in developing a deep respect for those who help guide and shapes you. Use the example of yoga to motivate you to accept your inner self and the meaning you bring to those around you.

Spirituality is all around. Within everyone, a light exists that, even in the darkest times, continues to guide you. You let go of the past when you allow a higher power into your life. Letting go means finding what centers you or brings meaning to your life. Rediscovering spirituality can take many forms. One of these is deciding to change your life. Entering a substance addiction treatment program begins your healing. With the guidance and support of the staff at Rennaissance Ranch Treatment Centers, you can reconnect with your inner self. Substance addiction treatment is more than stopping the use of substances — it’s about recognizing the role of spirituality in your life. Our faith-based program helps you understand why you’re important and that your life indeed has meaning. You can find the peace you seek the moment you join us. For more information about our services, call (801) 308-8898.