Dr. Robert Waldman

Dr. Robert Waldman


Among the best known addiction experts in the country, known as “Dr. Bob”, Dr. Robert Waldman, MD is a Pennsylvanian who currently lives with his family in Utah, He brings to his work a unique blend of critical-care clinical experience and private-practice treatment of drug and alcohol dependency. He has been actively practicing addiction medicine for 32 years.

Currently, he heads the detox program at the ultra-exclusive Home Detox Institute located in Salt Lake City. Dr. Waldman is an expert in medically safe detox techniques and has been licensed by the federal Drug Enforcement Agency. During the “medical trial of the century” regarding the death of pop superstar Michael Jackson. Dr. Waldman was called as an expert witness on the treatment of drug dependency and has appeared on the television shows Insight, Relapse, and Dr. Drew as well as offering expert testimony in many legal actions.

Previously, he was Medical Director of Critical Care at Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital in Los Angeles. He was appointed Co-Medical Director of the Recovery Unit at Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he matriculated from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, achieving cum laude distinction upon graduation. He attended medical school at Hahnemann University in Philadelphia where he also served his internship and residency in Internal Medicine.

Attracted to the challenges and science of nephrology (kidneys), he served a fellowship under Dr. Robert Narins at Temple University, also in Philadelphia. He relocated to Los Angeles where he developed a very successful private practice in nephrology and internal medicine, eventually serving as the Medical Director of FMC Inglewood, a local dialysis facility.

His expertise in renal medicine, or the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases, would prove useful in his treatment of patients with severe substance abuse. (Renal failure is increasingly a symptom of acute drug and alcohol dependency with the advent of ever-more dangerous illicit drugs and the abuse of powerful legal painkillers.)

Dr. Waldman resides in Utah with his wife and three children and Grandchildren. His hobbies include mountain biking, basketball, coaching soccer, hiking, and back-packing.