Sandy Family Program

The success of a recovering addict is directly related to the positive support and love from their family during the healing and recovery process. We’re dedicated to educating the family of each of our clients how addiction works, the way that it interferes with regular brain function, and the best way to support their addicted family member. We truly believe that including the family in the process is important to recovery.

The Renaissance Outpatient Family programs in Sandy will include: weekly education classes and therapy for the family, a 12-step family support program, and our regular workshops. This is because addiction doesn’t just affect the addicted individual, but it affects everyone that is close to them. This is why we’ve sought to include the family in the healing process. We’ll help you re-establish the relationships and connections that existed before the addiction, and bring understanding to the family. We strive to treat the entire family, not just the addict. We at the Renaissance Ranch Outpatient offer the best rehab that Utah has to offer.

We include the following in our family services:

  • Family Workshops
  • An Introduction to an effective 12 step family support program
  • Weekly education classes and groups for the family