On the journey to rehabilitation, men and women face different issues. Over the years, we’ve realized that gender-specific treatments for alcohol and substance abuse have been detrimental to the success of absolute recovery among afflicted individuals. This is why we offer a dedicated outpatient treatment program for women.

Women Empowering Women Through Recovery

Addiction is a disease that afflicts the mind, causing people to lose power over their body, mind, and soul. We’ve created an atmosphere where women can comfortably open up about their feelings about this disease. Being open and honest is the first step in the journey to overcoming addiction. Our female staff and counselors are committed to help you or your female loved one towards a full rehabilitation.

Our female staff and coaches are women like you, that have gone through similar situations to the one that you’re in right now. They understand the particular issues that women face during rehabilitation. You can be confident that you or your loved one will be surrounded by individuals who can provide proper guidance and motivation in order to achieve lifelong sobriety.

Gender Based Therapies

Although the principles of addiction are the same for both males and females, our approach to recovery is different for each gender. During recovery, women face issues such as shame, anxiety, depression, trauma, and body image issues. These are issues that many men don’t experience during the recovery process. This is why have a specific program set up for women, where our licensed staff will lead individual and group therapies to tackle these issues. With these female-centered therapies, our female clients learn to solve and face these issues, which aids them on their road to recovery.

Gospel-Centered Modalities

Our women’s outpatient treatment program uses medications and therapies, as well as gospel-centered modalities. This is because we believe that alcohol and substance abuse affects not only the mind and body of an individual, but their spirit as well. This is why we have chosen to incorporate Gospel principles into our 12-step program. Through this, we can help women in recovery reclaim the healthy mind, body, and spirit that they’ve lost.

Long-Term Sobriety

Upon completion of our outpatient treatment program, women will join our women’s alumni group, because we believe that continuing care is necessary in achieving permanent sobriety. This group is made up of empowered women who have overcome their addictions, and help provide a continuously supportive environment while in the early stages of recovery. We’re here to help, so call us today. Tell us about your situation, and we’ll get you started on your recovery today.