Renaissance Ranch

Spending Your Summer Addiction Free

Jun 15, 2016

Silhouette Jumping PictureNow that you’re living substance-free, summer nights have a whole new charm.  Below is a list of fun summer activities to keep you entertained during your sober summer.  

  • Go Hiking – Find a local trail and take a much needed nature walk.  
  • See a Movie at the Drive-In – If you look hard enough, you can still find a drive-in movie theatre in your town.  See what’s playing — sometimes they offer double features for the price of one ticket!
  • Take Your Friends Out Stargazing – Get a star chart or download a star app and go out to a dark area and find your favorite constellations.  
  • Take a Drive Through Your Town – There are many sights to see in your own town, take a drive and visit them!
  • Run Through the Sprinklers – Bring out your inner child and run through the sprinklers.  
  • Set Up a Slip and Slide – Take your simple sprinkler run to the next level with a slip and slide.  
  • Build a Sand Castle – Another way to embrace your inner child is to build a sand castle at the beach.  
  • Try a Lawn Game – Find a new lawn game such as horseshoes, bocce ball, or corn hole and try it out.  
  • Go Geocaching – Geocaching is a treasure hunt where you take a treasure and leave a different treasure for the next person.  You follow instructions to find the loot using a GPS.
  • Make Homemade Root Beer (and Root Beer Floats) – Find a recipe online and make homemade root beer.  If you can, make ice cream to go along with the treat, and make root beer floats.  
  • Host a Barbecue – Invite your friends over for a sober summer barbecue!  Ask everyone to bring something so that the weight of the barbecue doesn’t rest solely on your shoulders. 
  • Pick an Official Song for the Summer – Decide on a song that fits your summer adventures, and and document your summer through a music video.  
  • Play Minute to Win It Games With Your Friends – On a warm afternoon, host a fun minute to win it party.
  • Make S’mores – Set up a fire pit and roast marshmallows for tasty s’mores.
  • Make Your Own Apple Pie – Apple pie is delectable, so why not try to make your own?
  • Play Mini-Golf – Find a cheesy mini-golf course in your community and see how good you are.   
  • Read a Book – If you have nothing to do on a warm summer night, relax outside with a flashlight and read a book.