Stop signs surround sex addiction.

15 Jun Signs of Sex Addiction in Your Life Part 2

This article is continued from part 1.

Around 12 million adults in the United States are classified as sex addicts. The truth is that sex addiction is far more prevalent than a lot of people realize, and is potentially as widespread as alcoholism. Despite the numbers of known sex addicts, there are even more who go under the radar. While one of these signs doesn’t necessarily mean you struggle with sex addiction, multiple of them might. Here are some signs that could mean you also struggle with sex addiction…

Sex leads to self-loathing

If you have a healthy sexual attitude, then sex is a positive aspect of your life that you share with somebody else. However, sex addiction rewires the reward system of your brain to constantly need more and more sex to feel validated. As such, it never actually contributes to your self esteem in a lasting way. Instead, sex addiction makes sex lead to further self-loathing in a perpetuating cycle.

You think of sex constantly

If you simply can’t think about anything besides sex, and need to constantly be actively pursuing some sort of way to get yourself off, then this is unhealthy sexual behavior. This is notably different from being regularly sexually bothered, and relates more to needing to constantly be trying to have sex with somebody, or needing to masturbate multiple times a day, uncontrollably. This type of mindset will always enable sex to get in the way of other aspects in your life, and needs to be addressed sooner, rather than later.

Having an abundance of sexual secrets

If you are devoting a good portion of your life to maintaining sexual secrets, and continuously feed a far more sexually active alter ego that is frequently having affairs, then that might qualify you for sex addiction. This is different than merely having an affair and trying to hide it, which is a different issue altogether. This means that you frequently live a double life that bleeds over into your bank account and personal health as you try to maintain lie after lie.

You don’t feel like you can stop

If your sexual behavior feels like it is uncontrollable, and that you merely cannot get sex out of your mind, then you almost certainly struggle with addictive behavior that should be looked into.

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