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The Importance of Maintaining Faith in Recovery

Mar 6, 2024

The recovery process is different for everyone. Transitioning into a new life after addiction and mental health treatment can be difficult for some individuals. Even the most resilient and motivated individuals can lose faith at any stage of their recovery. This can be especially so after a sudden relapse. Early recovery requires one to make major changes in their life in hopes of avoiding unwanted triggers. This can be a lonely process for some individuals. Although this may be true, maintaining faith in recovery can make moving forward from addiction a more positive experience. Developing healthy relationships with faith-driven peers can provide the support needed for long-term healing as well. 

The Importance of Having Faith in Recovery

Both early and late recovery can come with great challenges. Early recovery involves sacrificing a lot to promote long-term sobriety. For example, one may choose to remove toxic friendships and bad relationships with family members. Some individuals choose to move away to a neighborhood free from the crime and bar scenes. Others choose to end previous employment to find a more positive environment, free from drugs and alcohol.

As things begin to slow down in late recovery, some individuals may tend to get bored. When goals are met and everything is just so, it can be easy for one to gradually pick up old addictive habits. This can feel like a major setback. Although making changes can make life easier in the end, this can also take a toll on an individual’s mental health overall, making one feel isolated. Therefore, having faith in recovery is crucial as motivation is key for mental stability and addiction management.

Maintaining a Stronger Sense of Faith in Recovery

The United States is at the center of a substance abuse crisis. Life-saving prescriptions and psychotherapy, in combination with spiritual intervention, are a primary part of the continuum of care for addiction. According to the Journal of Religion and Health, research has indicated that approximately 84% of clinical studies have proven that having faith in recovery works as an effective relapse prevention. Maintaining a strong sense of faith in recovery, and exploring one’s religion and spirituality is highly integral, powerful, and an indispensable resource in relapse prevention for a positive recovery.

Participating in a faith-based recovery program helps one work towards behavior change and find additional support within faith communities. Not only does ongoing support help one maintain a healthy recovery, but having a strong sense of faith also increases one’s self-esteem and spiritual beliefs within oneself. 

Benefits of Accepting Peer Support While in Recovery

Removing toxic friends who continue addictive behaviors can be difficult but best for those who are looking to prevent an unwanted relapse. Although this can be a lonely process, choosing to spend time with peers who are also faith-driven can provide appropriate support while in recovery.

According to the journal Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation, accepting support from peers can be highly beneficial to one’s recovery process. Peer support is the action of giving and receiving nonclinical support and nonprofessional care from those who have experienced similar events or circumstances. Confiding in peers can help one achieve long-term recovery from both addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions. 

Choosing to participate in sober activities with peers who have also dealt with similar challenges in recovery understand that it can be difficult to ward off substance cravings or come back from a substance relapse. Spending quality time with like-minded individuals who are on the same path toward long-term sobriety can teach one new sober skills for a stronger recovery. Following faith-based practices can help one keep their head up during the many challenges recovery may bring.

The Value of Following Renaissance Ranch’s Top Values in Recovery

Renaissance Ranch’s top values can help those facing problems in recovery develop a stronger sense of faith. This can help individuals stay on track to proper healing after treatment. Our treatment facility takes on a client-focused approach for a more whole-person level of care. Faith is one of Renaissance Ranch’s top values that primarily helps clients stay motivated to steadily maintain their recovery. Each value has a letter that spells out C.L.I.E.N.T. The top values our team focuses on with our clients include: 

  • ConneCtion – Developing a strong support system. Support systems are vital to the recovery process. Having loved ones, family, friends, and peers who support your recovery will help you through challenging times.
  • Love – Not only is loving oneself and others important but learning to accept love from others can help one maintain positive relationships for a happier lifestyle.
  • SacrIfice – Making major changes to promote a sober lifestyle can feel defeating at first. In the end, it is what is best to promote a sober lifestyle.
  • IntEgrity – Staying honest with oneself and others is crucial. Being open with a health professional will provide the best care for the best outcome.
  • ENthusiasm – Staying optimistic with good energy can attract positive people into one’s life. Maintaining enthusiasm can help one stay productive and increase confidence.
  • FaiTh – Putting trust in God for internal strength can bring a faster and easier recovery. When recovery gets lonely, talking to God can help one find peace and guidance.

Here at Renaissance Ranch, we believe in providing the best care to all those who participate in our programs. Combining the 12-Step approach with the healing power of gospel principles as they relate to addiction recovery, we treat addiction in a personal, supportive environment that yields long-term results for our patients. We understand that the journey to addiction recovery can be intimidating and the technicalities of different stages of treatment can dishearten individuals and their families. We also aim to help build life skills, bringing an integrated approach to mental, physical, and spiritual care. Renaissance Ranch is with you each step of the way for support. Call us at (801) 308-8898 to learn more about our faith-based recovery solutions.