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The Purpose of Intervention Services

Dec 14, 2023

Addiction can be very challenging to overcome alone. Substance use disorder (SUD) may not just affect the individual but their family as a whole. When a family member cares deeply for a loved one, they might go to great lengths to try and help make a positive change. Although pure dedication and tenacious efforts can sometimes help, this may still not be enough. There comes a point where a family feels stretched thin after trying everything they can to turn their loved one’s life back around. Fortunately, intervention services at Renaissance Ranch are dedicated to helping men surrender to treatment for their SUD. 

Life Before Intervention Services

It can be extremely difficult for some families to watch their loved ones go through the many phases of addiction. Continuous attempts and persistent failure can bring many families intense feelings of helplessness and begin to drive them away. The negative behaviors associated with addiction can severely impact healthy relationships. Bad habits that may impair healthy connections with family members might include stealing, lying, and gaslighting loved ones. Moreover, these negative behaviors may cause financial, emotional, psychological, and environmental distress. 

According to a publication by Social Work in Public Health, an individual’s family remains the primary source of nurturing, socialization, and attachment for those in our society today. Thus, the effects of SUD impact every family member in unique ways.

Untreated addiction can come with many different consequences. For example, severe or persistent substance abuse can result in child and parent separation. An individual’s family must understand addiction as a whole. This includes the development of one’s condition, the management involved, and strong dedication from everyone for successful treatment. Choosing to intervene with intervention services can promote a better outcome for everyone involved. 

Benefits of Intervention Services for Families Facing Challenges With Addiction

According to Chapter 3 of Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Family Therapy by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), actively involving every family member in an intervention can help individuals and their families maintain long-term recovery from SUD. When all family members participate in a family intervention, they gradually begin to change their perspective on substance abuse. Their thought patterns related to their loved ones’ behavioral responses associated with substance misuse may also be altered. Ultimately, the entire family dynamics are positively changed after a successful intervention. 

A family intervention may provide many different benefits. Intervention services may help individuals and their family members:

  • Sustain long-term recovery
  • Feel a strong sense of hope
  • Provide professional support for everyone
  • Improve family communication
  • Promote healthy relationships
  • Provide a healthy environment for all
  • Help family members engage in self-care
  • Provide family members with coping strategies

Value of Working With a Mediator

Equally important, choosing to participate in treatment with a mediator can help family members learn the problem-solving skills needed to fix family conflicts. Working with a mediator can give individuals the chance to safely open up and confide in others without things escalating poorly. Treatment can help individuals avoid getting derailed and come to a logical agreement without further conflict. 

A family intervention involves everyone. Therefore, each family member meets every step at the same time. Each person is informed of the tools needed for success. With a professional mediating the situation, everyone is more likely to follow directions with proper guidance supported by proven evidence. Benefits of responding to a mediator may also include: 

  • Formal grievance
  • Much needed encouragement
  • Authority to help everyone develop ground rules
  • Equal opportunity for all
  • Increased effectiveness

Why Should Families Move Forward With an Intervention?

It might seem unrealistic and nearly impossible to get everyone to participate in a family intervention. Taking time to brainstorm the potential outcome might change everyone’s perspective. It can be easy for family members to give up, but if all family members want the best for their loved one, family intervention makes the most sense.

Furthermore, when all family members choose to participate, this improves the odds of having a successful recovery for everyone involved. Being faced with a room full of family members can be an overwhelming experience for some individuals and bring on a whirlwind of emotions. An individual may feel embarrassed, cornered, shameful, or saddened. Family intervention may make an individual feel blindsided, but understanding that everyone is there for pure support can be a positive moment as well. 

Treating Various Addictions With Renaissance Ranch’s Intervention Services

At Renaissance Ranch, we have a team of specialists to help families effectively navigate addiction. We support and guide families in overcoming all types of addictions together as a unit, including:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Marijuana addiction
  • Mushroom addiction
  • Hallucinogen addiction
  • Methamphetamine addiction
  • Prescription drug addiction 

Our goal is to help everyone understand their loved one’s condition as a whole. Family interventions can help individuals come to acceptance. Renaissance Ranch’s mediators can help keep a positive agenda for a successful outcome. Working with an intervention mediator can aid families in maintaining focused progress by giving healing direction. 

At Renaissance Ranch, we understand that an individual with addiction may have extreme difficulty accepting their condition. Our intervention services can allow families to safely share their feelings. This situation can be a great place to bring up possible substance abuse addiction treatment options for the future. Our intervention specialist can help you navigate how to approach these different addictions, working to help your loved one understand their addiction and the need for help. At Renaissance Ranch, we provide free interventions to clients and their families. Out interventionists are licensed and have years of experience in the substance abuse treatment field. If your family is facing problems with addiction, call Renaissance Ranch at (801) 308-8898 for support.