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The Real Causes of Relapse

Aug 23, 2023

We know that a relapse can happen, and there’s unfortunately some stigma around the causes of relapses in addiction recovery. Relapses can occur for a multitude of reasons. Relapses are not a sign of weakness and it is important not to feel ashamed of needing to reach back out for help regarding your recovery from addiction. There are some signs which can be helpful to look out for to catch a possible relapse before it happens. If you are in a relapse, knowing how and why it occurred can also be helpful to prevent future relapses. 

Causes of Relapse in Addiction Recovery

A relapse can happen for several different reasons. It is important not to view relapse as a complete loss of all progress. The sooner a relapse is acknowledged, the more potential there is for early intervention to get you back on track. We understand that addiction can be complicated. With that being said, we will best support you at Renaissance Ranch to prepare you for life outside of treatment. However, relapses can still occur. One cause of relapse includes not following your relapse prevention plan. 

Aftercare and relapse prevention plans are created to cater to each individual, but we also know life can have many changing variables. Because of this, adjustments may need to be made throughout your recovery journey. Without reaching out for assistance in making changes, you may find yourself in a more vulnerable position, which could result in a relapse. Supporting the idea that life can change and be unpredictable, additional life stressors can come up while in recovery. This could also be a cause of relapse without proper support and guidance.

Other causes of relapse can include not using healthy coping skills when feeling triggered. Triggers can come up in life without warning, so it can be difficult in the triggering moment to readily utilize a healthy coping skill. Just like any other skill, it takes time and practice. 

Stigma Surrounding Causes of Relapse

Unfortunately, there is a stigma surrounding the causes of relapse. Some people may think that relapses happen when there is a loss of willpower. This is incredibly harmful because it can lead to thoughts that individuals who have struggled with addiction simply don’t try hard enough to recover which is not the case. Addiction is a complex issue and so can recovery. 

Recovery is not a one-size-fits-all situation, meaning, each individual who battles addiction can have a different experience and can come from a different background. This means each individual’s recovery can be different and triggers can vary. Although we have a very individualized approach, life outside of treatment could be different from person to person. Many people have normalized that relapses just happen in recovery and that there’s nothing you can do to stop it. This is a harmful thought process as it can diminish the need for immediate intervention if a relapse does occur.

Ways to Prevent Relapse

There are many ways in which you can help prevent relapses from happening. Knowing your warning signs of a possible relapse can be helpful. Some other ways you can prevent relapses include continuing therapy after treatment and continuing to attend support groups. Taking advantage of the recovery community can be beneficial to those who are no longer in treatment.

There are typically different stages of a relapse. These stages can be gradual and hard to catch, especially if you’re not in a healthy environment. We ensure that while you are in treatment, you feel safe and supported. We want those feelings to extend into your everyday life after treatment. Ensuring you are staying away from knowingly unhealthy environments can help prevent relapses.

Another possible way you can combat the causes of relapse is to hold yourself accountable. We know that can be difficult when shame accompanies your addiction. It could be very beneficial to continue staying in contact with other sober individuals which can not only help motivate you but can help hold you accountable too. 

Things You Can Do in The Case of Relapse

In the case that a relapse happens, the first step would be to recognize that it’s happening. Although relapse does not mean you’ve lost all of your progress and growth, early intervention is key. Telling someone in your support system that you are struggling is a great place to start. Reaching out to our team is also a good choice. We can provide help and support or possible readmission to treatment if necessary. 

Renaissance Ranch is equipped to help any man ready to recover from his addiction. We can also be of assistance throughout your entire recovery journey. Relapses do not have to be a part of your recovery, but if it is, we can help.

There are many different causes of relapse. Knowing the warning signs of a possible release can be helpful in preventing one from occurring. Relapses have been normalized as being a part of recovery, but that doesn’t have to be the case for you. There is no shame though in the case that a relapse does happen. Reaching out for help as soon as you recognize the problem is important. In treatment, we will support you the best we can and can help provide you with the necessary coping skills so the chance of relapse lessens. We can help if you feel you are starting to slip or in the case of a relapse. Please call (801) 308-8898 for additional information.