Renaissance Ranch

The Therapeutic Community Model and Integrity

Jul 12, 2023

Healing from addiction takes a lot of time and effort. We know that addiction can feel isolating. Renaissance Ranch has found that utilizing the therapeutic community model produces successful outcomes as you work to recover. This model in place will help create more support for you and your peers.

How We Assist Healing With the Therapeutic Community Model

Choosing recovery is an incredibly brave action. Deciding to change your life for the better is not to be taken lightly. The recovery experience can differ from person to person. We have rules and procedures in place which will help you along the treatment process. The journey is important, and we understand it‘s going to take time. Treatment through our program entails a lengthy process that is broken down into 7 phases. This process is designed to best provide support for each individual for treatment.

Therapeutic Community Model: Residential Treatment

In phase 4, residential treatment, we introduce the therapeutic community model. The therapeutic community model we use consists of 3 tenants: personal integrity, group integrity, and staff integrity. This model is designed with participation and accountability in mind. 

Participating in life differently than before allows for the individual in recovery from substance use disorder (SUD) to achieve therapeutic goals. Ultimately, treatment is going to be a life-changing opportunity, and we want to be sure that you feel supported throughout the treatment process.

Studies are telling of how many people there are in the United States who have SUD. Addiction can feel extremely isolating, but you are not alone. To support that idea, Renaissance Ranch believes in interaction. Interacting within the recovery community is proven to help when using the therapeutic community model. This model we use has many proven benefits in therapeutic communities.

Personal Integrity in the Therapeutic Community Model

One of the tenants of the therapeutic community model is personal integrity. The definition of personal integrity talks about honesty and honoring morals to better yourself.

There will be many instances where honesty is going to come into play during recovery. Acknowledging you need help and seeking initial support is an example of this. Throughout your journey, try to remember why you sought out the help. Recovery can be a lengthy process, so reminding yourself of what you want out of it could be helpful at times when you’re feeling discouraged.

Explore Who You Want to Be

Choosing to recover is likely going to be a drastic change for most individuals. You may find that exploring who you want to be as a person is helpful during this time. Likewise, you could find yourself developing new goals and morals to live by. Some examples of honoring morals you may develop or practice in recovery could include finding new ways to engage in the community. You may find that supporting a cause that’s important to you can give you a sense of meaning, or finding and keeping a job that you enjoy. Learning new life skills could also have a positive impact on your recovery.

Personal integrity in the therapeutic community model would mean that the individual in recovery is honest with oneself throughout the process of healing from addiction. Honesty is one way to stay committed to recovery. When you are honest with yourself, you can actively recognize when change or support is needed.

Being honest with yourself can help you recognize what you need therapeutically. This could help empower you as well. Having a good sense of self and purpose is important in recovery.

How We Utilize Group Integrity From the Therapeutic Community Model

Involvement with the community in healthy ways is a necessary piece of recovery. “Group”, from group integrity, refers to individuals in the recovery community. Honesty within this community is honored as another important factor in recovery. Renaissance Ranch has an alumni program, the Band of Brothers, which is where group integrity would also be upheld.

Ensuring your conversations with other communities, such as family, is important too. Making sure that, as a family, you are continuing to be open and honest is key. If at any time to know you require additional resources or help, telling someone will get the ball rolling. 

How Staff Integrity Works

Staff integrity is where all staff members are responsible to stay honest with you and one another throughout your journey of recovery. Our staff is experienced and compassionate, but that’s not to say that conflict never occurs. With staff integrity being honored, an example would be handling any conflict personally. 

Honesty in recovery is ultimately a choice that can help lead you in the direction of recovery. There are many different instances where honesty in recovery is going to be crucial. Upholding the therapeutic community model is what we believe will help you continue on the path of recovery from addiction. We also believe this will help prevent relapses in the future.

When you are in recovery from addiction, community is going to be important. We know that addiction can be isolating, so it is important to remember you are not alone and there are multiple treatment community guidelines in place to help you achieve the recovery life you desire. Renaissance Ranch uses the therapeutic community model in our 7-phase programs. This model of integrity ensures that everyone involved remains accountable and honest. This has proven to be beneficial to individuals with SUD and helps prevent relapses in the future. Call (801) 308-8898 to discuss how we can assist you and answer any additional questions regarding treatment or the therapeutic community model.