There Is an App for That!

Jun 5, 2022

In today’s society, technology seems to be at the forefront of everything. Almost anything you could ever need or want can be learned, obtained, or said with the click of a button – or, more literally, the touch of a screen. Why should seeking and receiving treatment and resources for addiction be any different? 

Apps have changed the way we communicate and connect, and make tools for various healthcare industry providers more accessible. Seeking help for challenges such as mental health issues or addiction is easier than ever. By using an app during treatment, resources and supports are readily available to help you stay engaged and on track. 

Staying Organized

“App” is short for application, which references a type of software that can be downloaded and used across various platforms. Not limited to, but perhaps most popularly, on mobile devices. Using an app during treatment and recovery can serve many purposes, one of which is organization. 

Scheduling to attend all of your meetings, counseling sessions, and groups can be tricky. You are likely transitioning to a completely new way of life and it can be difficult to establish a routine and schedule that works well. Having some sort of structure that works well for you is key! By using an app, much of the planning and organizing is done for you. 

An app can continue to be useful following treatment, as well. After returning to life outside of treatment, it can be easy to neglect meetings or therapy. Having meeting times and locations easily accessible makes prioritizing this a little simpler. Additionally, remaining connected to other alumni and engaging in alumni programs and activities is encouraged. Using the app can make it a piece of cake to stay in the loop following your stay! 

Staying Motivated

During treatment and recovery, it is common to experience ups and downs. It can be easy to lose faith in yourself and it can often be difficult to remain motivated. Having the ability to reflect on your day and acknowledge every success can be a huge help. Using an app that asks specific questions about what you achieved each day during treatment not only shows long-term progress but also allows you to celebrate the small, daily victories. These little wins can motivate you to get up and put your best foot forward again the next day. 

Seeing others’ progress and success can also be very encouraging. This form of motivation can be particularly helpful early in treatment, or when you may feel like giving up. With an app that allows you to connect with others facing similar struggles and taking steps toward achieving and maintaining sobriety, you can see the benefits of your choices. This, in turn, can drive you to continue making efforts to stay on the right path. 

When it comes to staying motivated, a reward system never hurts! Finding ways to implement positive reinforcement during treatment can be very beneficial – and who doesn’t love a little competition? Having a badge system within the app that rewards users for various achievements can add a little competitive fun. 

Staying Accountable

Accountability is a huge component of treatment and recovery. Having the ability to connect with sponsors, other residents, or alumni through an app is extremely convenient. This provides a sense of community and connectedness, which can be very encouraging and helpful during treatment and recovery. With such accessibility, it is easy to seek out advice or help from someone you can trust when you need it. 

Features such as daily check-ins and various lessons and assignments to complete throughout your treatment experience can also assist you in staying focused and accountable. If you are battling with a specific step or concept during treatment, you can simply search for materials and resources to support you in coping with that particular topic or struggle. Having such easy access to these tools makes you more likely to use them! 


As mentioned, using an app during treatment has many perks. As a society, we love convenience. Accessing everything you need to succeed during treatment and throughout recovery in one place is ideal. By downloading an app and logging in throughout the day, you can ensure you are making it to your necessary appointments and getting the most out of your treatment experience. 

Why not give it a try? Most of us are on our phones all the time, anyway! With meetings, reading materials, information, peers, and supports all so easily accessible, there is nothing to lose. Choose to make the most of treatment and take advantage of this excellent resource. 

Apps can make learning things, finding things, or communicating easier than ever. Having the ability to find meetings and sponsors while being able to connect with the click of a button can make staying on track during treatment and recovery that much simpler. Renaissance Ranch has developed an app that contains all of your most-needed resources in one place. Feeling unmotivated? Log in to the app to see what your peers are up to and what strategies are working for them. Are you traveling and feeling the need to attend a meeting? Log in to the app to find meetings in your area. Ensure you are taking advantage of everything Renaissance Ranch has to offer during and after your stay with us. Are you or someone you care about battling drug or alcohol addiction? Give Renaissance Ranch a call today at (801) 308-8898.