26 Sep Faith-Based Recovery

We’ve said a thousand times that addiction treatment can only be successful if the entire person is treated, not just the person’s addiction. This is because addiction is a disease that affects every part of your being. Addiction destroys your spiritual health along with your emotional and physical health, which is why a faith-based approach to addiction recovery is the most successful. Addicts need to build faith in God, in other people, and in themselves, in order to heal their spirits and overcome addiction.


A Miraculous Recovery


If you’ve ever struggled with addiction, then you’ve probably tried to overcome this disease on your own, and failed. Rather than beating yourself up, it’s important to realize that addiction can’t be cured without help from a Higher Power. Overcoming addiction is a miraculous thing, and you can’t accomplish it on your own. A faith-based recovery program teaches you how to turn to God for help, how to accept His help, and how to witness a miraculous change in your life.


Forgiveness is Necessary


Forgiveness is a necessary spiritual component in overcoming addiction. In order to get better, you must forgive those who have wronged you in your past, and more importantly, learn to forgive yourself. Those steps would be impossible without the Atonement. Understanding that Christ has taken our sins upon Him can make the process of forgiving ourselves not only possible, but an exercise in joy. Participating in a faith-based rehab program will give you the opportunity to learn about the Atonement, and to put it into practice in your daily life.


Growing As a Group


I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “Church is hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints.” Those who have fallen the farthest have the most to gain from attending church. Church helps build faith because it allows us to come together to share insights and gain strength from one another. The same is true of the therapeutic community in a faith-based rehab program. By working with others who are going through the same trials you’re experiencing, you can gain some perspective on your own situation and help lift up others, even as you’re buoyed by their efforts and support.

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