27 Jan New Year’s Resolutions for Recovery

Addiction recovery is all about setting goals and then working to achieve them, and the New Year brings the perfect opportunity to set some new goals. Some of the traditional New Year’s resolutions, like getting in shape, will fit in nicely with your recovery program, and others will be unique to your situation. Talk with your addiction counselor and other members of your support group to decide which resolutions would help you to move forward this coming year.


Ask for Help


If you’re struggling with any type of addiction, overcoming the disease on your own is nearly impossible. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you haven’t met with a healthcare professional to devise a recovery plan, do it now! Make asking for help and beginning recovery your New Year’s resolution. You’ll be surprised at the progress you can make in just one year when you have a good support system.


Hit the Gym


Nearly everyone renews their gym pass and their determination to shed a few pounds as part of their New Year’s resolution. This old standby goal is especially important for those in addiction recovery, because taking care of your body is essential to overcoming your disease. Exercise has a whole list of benefits for those in recovery, including helping to regulate mood, boosting your energy, and releasing withdrawal-soothing endorphins.


Try New Things


It should be clear to you by now that your old way of life is not going to make you happy in the long run, and you need to make some changes. One of the best parts of addiction recovery is the opportunity you’ll have to meet new people and try new things. Taking on a new hobby helps fill the time you use to spend using drugs, and can really boost your morale. Making new friends expands your support system to help you stay on track. Change is good for recovery, so make trying new things part of your New Year’s resolution.


Invest in Recovery


Some of your goals for the upcoming year should be geared specifically toward your recovery and the milestones you want to hit. You can work with your peers, your sponsor, and/or your therapist to make these kinds of resolutions and to get some ideas. Some types of recovery goals might include attending all of your 12-step meetings, sticking with your outpatient program, or writing in your journal every day. Once you’ve made some resolutions for the coming year, you can get to work accomplishing them and getting better.

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