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What Does It Mean to Be In the Band of Brothers?

Aug 3, 2021

You have to maintain your self-esteem during sobriety. This means being around people who encourage you. Outdated forms of masculinity are harmful. We all know the guy who doesn’t know when to stop “joking,” always itching for a fight. There’s a fine line between good-natured kidding around and tearing someone down. If your friends erode your self-esteem, they aren’t your friends

Life is all about making meaningful social connections. We kid about women living longer than men. It’s because women form deep, lasting bonds. Women tend to communicate with each other more freely than men. 

As males, we’re taught not to discuss what’s bothering us, duke it out, or value aggression. For the sake of your sobriety, you’re going to have to reprogram these instilled, harmful coping mechanisms and develop honest, caring connections. Band of Brothers at Renaissance Ranch offers the chance to spend time with other men committed to sobriety and each other. 

Emotional Intelligence

Personal growth requires emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the capacity to perceive and regulate emotions in oneself as well as those of others. You’ll grow more sensitive during sobriety as you become suddenly aware of your feelings and thoughts. 

Alcohol and drugs numb all of that, so when those feelings return, it requires an adjustment. Questioning and analyzing your relationships is part of the deal. Sobriety has moments of awareness that you’ll want to share. You can’t keep everything locked up anymore.

Becoming more emotionally intelligent means not needing to prove yourself to others. You can find true inner strength. Spending time with men who listen and care about you, who check in on you, shows you what healthy social interactions look like. You can talk about sobriety and its ups and downs with guys who understand. 

Band of Brothers prioritizes uplifting one another through honesty. Our community offers a circle where you can tell someone what’s happening and receive helpful feedback in return. You’ll meet guys at different levels of their sobriety. You’re safe just to be yourself.

Mind, Body, and Soul

Band of Brothers meets weekly with other get-togethers scheduled at different times, so there are plenty of opportunities to bond. The benefits of being a part of the Band of Brothers include:

  • Mind: Get advice from people who’ve been where you are in your recovery. You’ll be able to commiserate with men about the struggles and joys in life. We’ll be able to advise you on meditation, journaling, and mindfulness. We also have meet-ups that include study groups. Band of Brothers has an accountability system so that you won’t feel dropped. We stay in touch with each other. We can also recommend therapists and help you find a 12-Step program near you.
  • Body: With the Band of Brothers, you have the opportunity to spend time outdoors to keep your body fit and moving. You can hang out and play golf or go for a hike. The activities are varied; we take camping trips, train for marathons, and attend sporting events. There’s something for everyone. Experience a natural endorphin rush. Train your body to seek different means of feeling good. 
  • Soul: We value faith and want to help guide you in your spiritual search. We’re a Christ-centered program, and we look to Scripture for spiritual direction. Be around other men who are practicing compassion. We can lend a listening ear and apply spiritual principles to your questions. 

You are the company you keep. We need positive influences during recovery and for the rest of our lives. Luckily, the Band of Brothers provides this. 

Your Family

Breaking the chains of codependency is paramount for a successful recovery. Codependency is an imbalanced relationship where one person derives their self-worth from the other person. While you’re trying to maintain your recovery, your personal relationships will shift. It can be challenging for loved ones to understand why we’re making changes. Renaissance Ranch has services for your partners and family while you’re expanding your social circle. They need support too. 

Ending codependency entails setting healthy boundaries. Boundaries aren’t about withholding or shutting someone out. They’re simply expressing clearly and kindly what you can or can’t do. Sometimes the most challenging thing during recovery is refusing someone something than feeling guilty because we think we owe others for mistakes we’ve made in the past. 

When our family or partner gets an unexpected reaction from us, they can be confused or feel upset. Renaissance Ranch has a range of Family Programs during the transition to regular life as a sober person. You can’t be everything to your loved ones. Independence and cultivating your own interests make you more secure as a person. Part of taking care of yourself is forming new friendships that will help you be a better partner, father, brother, or son. 

The Importance of a Social Circle during Recovery

Recovery, especially at its early stages, is a time for introspection when the individual in recovery goes through the psychological changes necessary to gain a grasp on living life sober and to hold to responsibilities such as securing a stable job, managing finances, and practicing healthy eating and exercise habits. Also important for the individual in recovery, however, is a strong social circle that will support him or her in living a fulfilling life. When a recovering addict is supported by a strong social circle, he or she is less likely to seek fulfillment in substance use.

Part of your support system

One primary benefit of having a healthy social circle in your life as you navigate recovery from addiction is that it can serve as a strong part of your support system. A support system is vital to helping you remain accountable, keeping you away from temptations to use, and reminding you of your strengths when you feel a lack of confidence.

Spend less time focusing on your own concerns

While of course, it’s important to be mindful of the stresses that you encounter during recovery—and what might trigger a relapse—you can’t spend all of your time focusing on these stresses. Spending time with friends who serve as positive influences will help you to escape the narrow world of your own concerns and will help to put the things causing you stress into perspective.

Feel included

Choosing to seek treatment for your addiction can leave you feeling alienated from the group of fellow users that you are used to spending so much of your time with. When you build a circle of friends that is just as dedicated to your sobriety as you are, spending time with them will help you to feel included once again, which is crucial to rebuilding your own identity and feeling as though you are a part of society once again. You’ll steadily grow into a social circle that promotes sobriety, instead of one that inhibits it.

Higher quality of life

Studies have shown time and time again that both the quantity and the quality of your social connections have a major influence on your overall happiness. Establishing a strong and positive social circle that includes deep, meaningful relationships, then, will contribute to your overall happiness. When you are enjoying a happier life and feel fulfilled by having a strong social circle, you are less likely to seek relief or pleasure in substance use.

In recovery, social bonds are crucial. When you get sober, what you need from others will change. At Renaissance Ranch, our Band of Brothers offers healthy ways to interact with other men. They can help you build strong connections to maintain your sobriety. Along with our Band of Brothers, Renaissance Ranch has services for every step of the way on the road to recovery. You aren’t alone. You need people in your life who know you’re in recovery and are willing to help you through it. Renaissance Ranch is ready to provide that for you. We’re happy about your sobriety and will encourage you to sustain it in a fun, social environment. You’ll be able to get to know yourself now, your true self, and how unique you are. Call Renaissance Ranch today at (801) 308-8898 to learn more about our Band of Brothers and how we can help you along your recovery journey.