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What Is a Good New Year’s Resolution?

Jan 5, 2022

We have survived the past year and are looking toward the new year with trepidation. For many of us, maintaining our wellness seems like the first goal. We make resolutions to go to the gym, lose weight, stop using, never use again, be a better person, and more. The list of resolutions goes on and on. The truth is, we want to have a better life – better than the one we have right now. So, how do we approach the new year with a sense of how to succeed?

Identify Your Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal of being a better person and living a better life is often the purpose of a New Year’s Resolution. So, what does the dream look like for you? 

Many people struggling with addiction to alcohol and/or other substances begin each new year intending to improve their lives and stop using alcohol and/or other substances. This focus on improving your life and moving into recovery is an incredible goal. You are strong and willing to change, which is the first part of every resolution. You have admitted to your problem and want to change; this willingness to change is the first step to achieving a better new year.

Does an Extended Goal Work?

Many people join a gym in the first days of January and intend to visit multiple times a week. In the beginning, their resolve is high, and they are focused. Then, life gets in the way, and making excuses is easier than hitting the weights and treadmill. The same happens with almost every resolution, which is why creating a goal for the entire year often does not work. 

Pondering on this idea, you might wonder how to approach a new year’s resolution. Does one focus on a month or week at a time and then re-evaluate?  

One Day at a Time

This world is stressful. Focusing on the future is essential, but one can only focus on the current day when maintaining one’s resolve. While looking to the future is critical, you cannot fix the future or make your future better without focusing on making today a good day.

Every day, we make mistakes, and we may relapse because of triggers or stress getting to us. However, we do not need to abandon our goals. As we approach our goals with the idea of “one day at a time,” we learn from today and try to do better tomorrow. 

The strength it takes to focus on one day is immeasurable. Each moment possesses an opportunity to either be excited about life or struggle. Struggling makes maintaining those year-long resolutions seem impossible to keep. As a result, you may find yourself willing to give in to your struggle, relapse into old behaviors, and give up on your resolution. This is a significant reason not to focus on a year-long resolution but instead on one day at a time. Focusing on one day at a time allows for a better tomorrow.

A Better Tomorrow

Your better tomorrow involves learning from today. As you pursue your focus in the day-to-day, you should begin to find yourself able to make better decisions and be more hopeful about your future. At Renaissance Ranch, we believe in helping you find your best life. Through our services, we can help you identify goals and focus on a sustainable future.

Your better tomorrow is available through your resolve to stay sober and take care of your needs for today. We learn from our struggles and only have a better tomorrow when we ask for the guidance we need from friends, family, sponsors, or support professionals. We can achieve our goals when we focus on our life at this moment.

Some Things to Remember

Every year brings new resolve to have a better life and be a better person. You are already an amazing person with inner strength and resolve. Your decision to read this article shows you are willing to make a change. At Renaissance Ranch, we know how difficult change can be in the early stages of recovery. We know the struggle of recovery and applaud your interest in getting help. This interest is the first step to achieving your goals for a better life. 

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), “More than 760,000 people have died since 1999 from a drug overdose.” You choose life when you choose recovery over alcohol and/or other substances. You are not alone in your struggle and do not have to battle alone. There are multiple routes to take for recovery; your choice at this moment and the next can impact your new year and your new life.

The start of every new year brings yearnings to be a better person and have a better year than previous years. While bettering yourself is crucial, you can only take your recovery one day at a time. At Renaissance Ranch, we understand your desire to have a better life, and we can help you achieve a better new year. We offer clinically-driven and gospel-centered treatment for every step of the recovery process. We offer support for detoxification and continued support throughout recovery with a sober living home and the Band of Brothers alumni network. You deserve a better new year. At Renaissance Ranch, we can help you become your best self and live the life you want, free from alcohol and/or other substances. Contact us at Renaissance Ranch today by calling (801) 308-8898 to learn more about how we can help. We have counselors waiting for your call. Call now and start the road to recovery.