What Sets Us Apart

Here at Renaissance Ranch, we offer our clients a truly comprehensive approach to healing that sets them up for a lifetime of successful recovery. Here are just a few of the things that set us apart.

LDS Based. The main difference you’ll find here at Renaissance Ranch is that we are LDS based. This means that we incorporate gospel principles into a traditional, tried and true substance abuse treatment approach. We believe that there truly is a difference between having LDS therapists deliver an LDS-based curriculum versus just having therapists who happen to be LDS deliver a standard curriculum.

Gender Specific. The therapeutic program that we offer is also gender specific. Addiction is something that men and women alike struggle with, and since men and women often respond to addiction differently, we believe that it is important to tailor treatment to gender specific needs. Providing a gender-specific program also enables our clients to have emotional safety in the healing process. Our clients are better able to get to their core issues without the distraction of having a co-ed group.

12 Steps. We work with our clients to help them progress through the LDS 12 step addiction recovery program. Our program does not merely introduce the steps, but rather it provides a rigorous curriculum that completely immerses them in the 12 step journey. Our program has them starting at Step 1, where they admit they are powerless to alcohol or drugs, and the progressing all the way to Step 12, where they commit to applying these principles throughout all aspects of their lives.

Family Program. Because well rounded healing involves healing those who were affected by a loved one’s addiction as well, we provide a very thorough, in-depth family program for our clients. This includes weekly groups where family members participate in psycho educational groups and group processing; Individual sessions with the client and appropriate family members; Family 3-day Retreat offered every five weeks where family members participate at deeper levels in their own recovery; Family members get to participate in their own graduation ceremony to celebrate the work they have done for their own healing; the Lifetime Contract is available to family members also.

Lifetime Contract. Our lifetime contract goes beyond what you’ll find in any other treatment center, and any client who completes our residential and aftercare program is eligible for this benefit. If after completing our program you relapse or struggle with a substance abuse issue in the future, we will assess you at no charge. If our level of care is then deemed appropriate for you, you can come back through our entire program at no additional charge. There is no fine print and no charge for room and board. You come back through for no additional charge. You can read more about our lifetime contract

Reimbursement Policy. Our reimbursement policy goes beyond what any other treatment center is offering. If a client leaves our program, we will charge a daily rate based only on the number of days that they were with us, along with an administrative fee. The difference in cost is promptly reimbursed.

No-Cost Assessments. We provide assessments at no cost. An accurate assessment is vital to the long term success of our clients. Our clinical staff is highly qualified to assess each client using the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria as well as a DSM IV diagnosis (Diagnosis and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

No-Cost Interventions. An intervention is when the people closest to the addict get together with a trained facilitator to discuss the addiction and to offer support and possible solutions. An intervention can provide the proper environment for someone suffering from addiction to see the impact that their actions have had on those they love. Our trained facilitator has done numerous interventions and can provide this service at no additional cost.