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What should people know before going into rehab or treatment?

Mar 21, 2022

People who decide to go into addiction recovery center treatment often do so during or soon after a moment of crisis, so they don’t have a lot of time to spare for finding the best facility. In light of this, our readers offered their advice on key things to look out for when choosing a rehab program.

Dmitri Oster

Dmitri Oster

Dmitri Oster, Owner of United Consulting Services LCSW.

Examine the Treatment Philosophy to Find the Right Fit

Deciding to go into a rehab facility for substance abuse treatment – or any treatment facility for that matter – is not a decision to be made lightly. Most individuals that need such a level of care are often desperately trying to locate a rehab for themselves, and do not always have the luxury of time to research various facilities and/or treatment centers.

However, there are a few factors that one can look for when deciding whether to attend a drug treatment rehab. One of the more important factors to consider is the treatment philosophy of the facility. Does the facility endorse and follow a one-size-fits-all approach to treating individuals, or is treatment truly client-centered?

Most facilities will claim the latter but unfortunately, fall short as they do tend to follow overly standardized approaches. This can be a major problem for a patient that is looking to be understood and treated within their life framework. Therefore, it is very helpful to know more about the staff that is available on a treatment team and what their specific training background is.

Addiction impacts people differently, and addiction treatment would benefit those it serves by differentiating approaches to treatment as needed. Unfortunately, lack of sufficient training and/or overly administered top-down regulatory standards gets in the way of truly effective treatment. This is one of the main objections that people have when it comes to engaging with rehab.

Therefore, always check out who the treating clinicians are in rehab and what their level of training is, as well as receptivity towards individualized treatment along with functional boundaries.

Look for Peer-to-Peer Support Group Options

Many drug rehabs offer only a 12-step (AA) approach. This is problematic because there is no one program that works for everyone. It is important to verify that the treatment center at least exposes its clients to peer-to-peer support group options. To be informed of the choices increases the odds the client will find the right fit and sobriety success.

Mary Beth O'Connor

Mary Beth O'Connor

Mary Beth O’Connor, Director at LifeRing Secular Recovery.

Boris Mackey

Boris Mackey

Boris Mackey is the Editor-in-Chief and Community Outreach Manager at Rehab 4 Addiction.

Consider a Trial Visit

It is important to remember that acknowledging your need for professional help and sourcing a treatment clinic are often the hardest parts, and you have already done them.

However, each rehab facility is different, so it is important to understand more about the treatment programs they offer. Most clinics offer prospective patients in-person visits which allow you the chance to meet staff and peers before your program begins.

Many people worry about rehab due to misconceptions and negative portrayals in the media. Rehab is far from this, so visiting your chosen clinic could help to reduce any anxiety you feel.

It is also vital to remember that recovery isn’t always a linear process. Rehab cannot cure your addiction but can help to treat it if you are invested.

Rehab can help to provide you with a safe and healing space as well as a personalized program tailored to your every need. If you are committed to seeing change, rehab could be the best decision you ever make.

Be Willing and Open to Change

As a professional who often works with parents or adults who decide to go into in-patient or outpatient substance abuse treatment. The two main things to think about are, “you get out of it what you put in,” and, “you have to be willing to be open-minded and open to change.” You have to be willing to question anything and think about anything. As long as you’re willing to be open to working on anything, with the guidance of the professionals, then you’ll get the most out of it.

Because, it’s often the things we don’t consider that have the most effect, which will be the reason you grow and learn from rehab or treatment, and whether you keep the new techniques and skills with you for hopefully years to come.

Will Kesselman

Will Kesselman

Will Kesselman, Founder of President of Control and Power Strategy.

David Skates

David Skates

David Skates Founder of SKATES.

Be Honest with Medical Professionals

One of the primary things people need to know before they enter treatment is that there are many treatments, and people should feel empowered to choose what type of care best suits their needs. Every participant needs to find an approach to reduce or alleviate their barriers and risks.

Second, people need to be honest with medical professionals about their drug use; it is never too late, and every case is different. It is not true that people need to be old and out of high school to become sober.

Getting treatment earlier can help prevent the abuse of substances later in life. There is no rule limiting someone from entering treatment at any point and recovering. There is no rule about whether someone should leave their home or not for recovery.

It can be challenging to maintain relationships with family and friends during treatment.

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