What to Look For in a Substance Abuse Treatment Center

May 19, 2023

It is natural to feel overwhelmed when we are sick and seeking treatment. There are a lot of options out there, and many of us have a lot of questions that need answering. Who can we turn to for those answers, and how do we know we are getting the best care? 

Finding the right treatment center is imperative. A treatment center is key to your success as you rid yourself of your pain and embrace a lifetime of sobriety. So, let’s break through some of the confusion together and get to the truth about how to find a treatment center that works for you. 

Selecting the Right Facility for You

The truth is, we all need to lean on someone else sometimes. When we realize we need help to overcome substance use, we also realize that we cannot do it alone. Some of us have tried, and we know that it puts us right back in that same place. 

Successful treatment is relying on others to be the strength we need so that one day we can be that strength for ourselves and others. Together, we can overcome the trauma of addiction and live a healthy, sober life. 

Let’s discuss how to find the right treatment center. This is probably one of the most important decisions you will have made since deciding you needed help. It is a decision that will affect the course of your treatment and beyond. 

Start by checking out the website of the treatment facilities. A quick internet search can find a selection of facilities within the area you are looking for. Scan the websites and see what they have to offer. Make a list of those that appeal to you.

Once you are finished with this step, find the phone numbers of each of the facilities on your list. Call each of the facilities and ask them questions that are relevant to you. Make sure you ask them the five questions we have listed below too. 

Five Questions to Ask if Your Treatment Center Is Right for You

Finding the right treatment center with the program that fits your needs is a tall order. You might even find the process overwhelming. Not to fret, we have you covered. When you need to find a treatment facility, ask these five questions to discover if a treatment center is up to the task:

Are they accredited? 

When you go to the website and call the treatment center, ask if their program has state licensure or certification. Inquire about the staff and ask about their licensures. Find out the staff-to-client ratios and ask about the continuing training and education the staff receives. You can also inquire about whether they conduct satisfaction surveys and how previous clients have rated them.

Do they include medical interventions?

Receiving treatment for substance abuse may require prescriptions and other medical interventions due to the effects of withdrawal. Finding a treatment center that combines medical and psychiatric interventions in a holistic healing program may be essential to lasting recovery.

Do they engage in evidence-based practices? 

While this may seem obvious, you will need to ask if the treatment center you have found follows evidence-based practices. These are treatments that have been repeatedly proven effective in clinical trials and treatments by researchers. 

Are families Included in the treatment process?

Family connections are powerful. When you are looking at a treatment center, ask if families are taken into consideration. Do they provide resources for family members on their websites or through other sources? Having your family involved in your treatment can help you overcome the trials you may face in treatment.

Does the program continue to support you after you are in recovery?

Not all programs do this, but you will want to find one that does. Why? Because addiction is a disease for which there is no cure. It is something that, with proper treatment, can go into remission. Relapse can happen, and having a strong support structure in your program is a good way to prevent relapse. 

Factors to Consider for Your Treatment Center

Getting into a treatment program is a big priority when you are seeking help for substance use or mental health. You will want to take a few things into consideration when looking into treatment. A treatment center that fits you and your needs can make all the difference in a successful outcome. 

And you might have a lot of questions on your mind. How will you know if you like the treatment facility? Will it seem like a hospital? Or will the treatment center be a relaxing and comfortable place to heal?

Try not to let the questioning get in the way of making this very important decision in your life. Those are good questions, but first, you will need to think of practical considerations. For example:

  • Quality: Find the facility you love. When you love a facility, you should be there. Finding a facility with a caring staff that works for your recovery is a blessing. 
  • Insurance: Check with your insurance to find out if the treatment center that you like is covered. If it is, great! If not, check with the treatment center. There may be payment options that allow you to enter without insurance. 
  • Responsiveness: When a facility is responsive, picking up the phone, and being there whenever you need it, they are a keeper. Even if you are just calling for information or to book your initial appointment, finding a treatment center that responds to you is a godsend. 

When you decided to seek treatment for substance use, you made the greatest decision of your life. Now there are more decisions before you, like what kind of treatment works for you, where you will seek treatment, and perhaps most important, which treatment center is right for you. When you are deciding on a facility, make sure you check the treatment center out. Verify your insurance is accepted at the facilities that interest you and determine that they are a patient-centered facility. Call Renaissance Ranch at (801) 308-8898, where every part of our program is designed with you in mind, from using cutting-edge, evidence-based techniques to supporting you long after treatment and into recovery.