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What You Can Expect From a Faith-Based Treatment Center for Addiction Recovery

Dec 12, 2023

Addiction is a challenge millions of Americans face. We know addiction can feel lonely and seeking help can be intimidating. Every man deserves to recover and we want to help. Several methods have been developed to treat addiction. One of these methods includes a faith-based approach which includes utilizing the Twelve Steps. Evidence shows faith-based treatment has many benefits and great potential for successful outcomes. Faith-based treatment can provide you with a connection to a higher power. This has proven to be beneficial to the addiction recovery process for many and could be an option for you to consider.  

Evidence of Success With Faith-Based Treatment

If you are an adult man seeking treatment for your addiction, we may be the right fit for you. Our treatment is a faith-based setting that has helped many men get their lives back. The 12-Step approach at Renaissance Ranch can turn your life around as you turn your life over to God. With our faith-based treatment, you can expect time for church meetings, encouraged prayer, scripture study, and weekly LDS family services recovery groups.

Social Work in Public Health published an article on August 26, 2013, which found that the 12-Step approach was most effective when participation began upon beginning addiction treatment. This article also provided evidence that suggested when participants continued regular meetings, abstaining from drugs and alcohol was more likely.

On July 29, 2019, the Journal of Religion and Health published an article titled “Belief, Behavior, and Belonging: How Faith is Indispensable in Preventing and Recovering from Substance Abuse”. It stated that:

“Hundreds of evidence-based studies demonstrate the positive impact of faith on health and well-being”

The above-mentioned article also stated:

“Evidence-based studies point to the instrumental contribution of faith to substance abuse prevention and recovery. A large majority of cases show that religious and spiritual beliefs and practices lead to lower levels of substance abuse, including reduced likelihood of using various drugs, in the course of a lifetime”

This information reiterates the importance of faith-based addiction treatment. It also proves that spiritual beliefs can be beneficial to your daily life. We know recovery from addiction is a life-long journey. After you have completed your treatment, it is important to continue to explore your spirituality. Keeping faith in your life could be crucial to your recovery and well-being. 

A Simplified Breakdown of the 12-Steps in Addiction Recovery

The 12- steps are as follows:

1. Admit your loss of control. Admitting you have a problem can be difficult but is a necessary and brave first step.

2. Acknowledge a higher power. You can not face addiction alone. You must acknowledge that a higher power is in control and can help you fight your addiction.

3. Accept a higher power God will lift you and is a loving being who will be by your side to help you. 

4. Find who you are. Take a step back and discover what makes you who you are in the bigger picture.

5. Admit your faults to your loved ones. Admit your faults to yourself, to God, and to the ones you love. 

6. Allow a higher power to change you. Accept that God will be by your side to help you in everything you do.

7. Ask a higher power to change you. God is within you and will clean you of your faults, and then you need to ask him to make you stronger.

8. List who you’ve hurt. Think about your past and who you have hurt.

9. Heal relationships. Admit the hurt you have caused to others.

10. Continue to measure your faults. Continue to work on bettering yourself.

11. Build a strong relationship with a higher power. Continue to pray and work on understanding.

12. Spread the message. Help others

Brotherhood and Bonding Within Faith-Based Treatment

A unique aspect of receiving treatment from Renaissance Ranch is that we only treat men. This allows for an opportunity for you to develop a brotherhood amongst the other men you will interact with. We also have an alumni program that can allow you to stay connected to the men you’ve bonded with. One exceptional aspect of faith-based treatment is everyone you meet will have similar goals to you. You can also connect on a spiritual level, which you may not find in other treatment settings. 

We believe every man can recover when he is ready. If you are ready, we are here to help you. Our faith-based treatment in combination with evidence-based rehab can give you the best opportunity to recover and heal from addiction. We understand the idea of leaving what you know in active addiction can be frightening and intimidating. Try to find comfort in knowing you are not alone in this journey and God can heal you. 

No man should face the challenge of addiction alone. Recovery from addiction can be approached in several different ways. Evidence shows that faith-based treatment is one method that has the potential to produce successful outcomes for many individuals. Faith-based treatment with us includes the Twelve Steps that can provide men with a connection to a higher power. This process can allow men to recover from addiction and feel empowered while developing a strong relationship with God. We believe every man deserves to recover and we want to help support you in doing so with our faith-based treatment. Please call (801) 308-8898 for more details on our faith-based addiction treatment today.