Renaissance Ranch

Who is Best Suited for Residential Treatment?

Jul 25, 2023

We know that choosing recovery from addiction or substance use disorder (SUD) is a big step. We also know that beginning your sobriety journey in the right treatment program is essential. We offer you many different types of treatment that will be catered to you specifically. Our 60-day residential treatment program is one of those options that could be right for you.

What Is Residential Treatment?

Addiction is a disease that can happen to anyone. If you are a male 18 years or older and looking for recovery from your addiction or SUD, our residential treatment program may be right for you. Residential treatment at a Renaissance Ranch facility begins as a 60-day treatment program. This is where you would live in one of our treatment facilities located in Bluffdale, Utah. 

This type of treatment is suitable for individuals who need a more structured environment and intensive treatment approach to start their path to sobriety. We want to ensure anyone coming to us for help stays in recovery long after leaving treatment. One way we can do that is by providing you with the correct level of care to start your recovery.

Determining if Residential Treatment Is Right for You

Upon reaching out to us, you will complete an initial assessment. You will not have to decide which program you should begin with on your own. This is where one of our licensed clinicians will help determine what level of treatment you need. 

Reasons why residential treatment may be the right choice for you could include the following:

  • You require long-term care.
  • Your current environment is not safe.
  • It would be best if you had a more supportive and stress-free environment 

Residential treatment is not going to be a necessity for everyone. There is no shame if residential is the right starting point for you. This type of care may not be necessary if you already have safe and supportive housing or a good working environment. However, everyone’s care will be different and based on each individual’s unique needs.

What We Offer in Our Residential Treatment Program

Our residential treatment program offers a structured, safe, and supportive environment for anyone needing long-term care. In residential treatment, we use the 12-Step program along with faith-based treatment to help you on your healing journey. Our treatment facilities were founded by members of the Christian faith. We believe the combination of evidence-based therapy with our faith-based treatment provides the best outcomes for individuals seeking recovery. 

If it is decided that residential treatment is the best for you, during your time there, you will receive group, individual, and service work therapy. Our residential treatment facility will assist with everyday living tasks in a beautiful home. Meals and other daily necessities will be included. 

In residential treatment, we will integrate the therapeutic community model during your stay which is based on personal integrity, group integrity, and staff integrity. At the point where you are in the final 3 weeks of your 60-day residential treatment, we will begin assistance to integrate you back into the world. We will do so by helping you find a job, transportation, and housing, all of which are important in engaging in society and keeping up with your recovery.

Life After Residential Treatment

If residential treatment is right for you and where you begin your healing journey with us, after 60 days, you will be placed in our 90-day outpatient care. Outpatient care will include intensive group therapy to ensure that you have the best opportunity for lifelong sobriety. Our services while in outpatient treatment are extensive. Renaissance Ranch can provide individualized help for any male 18 years or older. 

While in outpatient care, you will continue receiving the support needed to continue with your sobriety. You will also have the ability to work and socialize outside of treatment. This is an important step, and for those who are immediately ready for this level of interaction, residential treatment is likely where you’ll start in order to prepare you. It is important that you are well prepared for this level of care to keep you on the right track in your sobriety.

We essentially want to support everyone that comes to our treatment program to be successful not only in their sobriety. We are dedicated to making sure your sobriety comes first. It is also important that you learn how to engage in life in a healthy and fulfilling way too. After treatment, you will have the opportunity as an alumnus to be part of the Band of Brothers for ongoing support and accountability throughout your sobriety. In the Band of Brothers, weekly meetings are held along with retreats and annual events. We found that this tight-knit group of brotherhood is beneficial to sobriety and recovery. 

Choosing the best treatment program in order to help you successfully recover from addiction or SUD can feel overwhelming. We want to best support all of the individuals who come to us for help. We can assist in determining which of our programs best fits you and your specific needs. Renaissance Ranch offers a residential treatment program for those needing a more intense and structured environment. After completing your assessment with one of our clinicians, residential treatment could be determined to be the best for you and your recovery from addiction or SUD. Call (801) 308-8898 for assistance today and we will help decide if residential treatment is the right starting point for you.