Why Do I Have Chores in Sober Living?

Oct 25, 2023

Many treatment centers like ours have rules in place for clients. In sober living, we have specific rules and chores that our clients must adapt to. Having chores in sober living may sound controlling or restrictive when in actuality it gives clients the ability to learn to follow an appropriate routine. Following rules and doing chores can also create accountability which is important in addiction recovery.

Reasons Your Chores in Sober Living Can Help You in Recovery

Having chores to complete while in sober living is not unheard of, but you may be wondering why this is. At Renaissance Ranch, we can offer sober living to individuals who are in our outpatient treatment program. One reason why chores can benefit your recovery could include learning to follow a structured day. Knowing how to balance healthy structure and leisure is an important skill. 

Having structure in your day can build your ability to put in effort to be productive in healthy ways. This can benefit your recovery because sobriety is a life-long journey that requires hard work. The chores we have in place in sober living can teach our clients new skills as well. We believe learning new skills in treatment and sober living will give our clients the best chance of applying them to their everyday lives after treatment has been completed. 

Chores, Rules, and Accountability in Sober Living

One important piece to recovery you will learn while at Renaissance Ranch is how to stay accountable. We utilize the Twelve Steps which, during treatment, can allow you to see there is a higher power. This higher power contributes to your ability to recover. The 12-Step approach is proven to be beneficial for long-term recovery. Within this approach, it is also critical that you understand where your agency is. You will learn how your choices can affect your recovery moving forward. Choosing to complete chores and follow other rules, like what time you wake up in the morning, can keep you accountable for recovery. 

Accountability in addiction recovery can help you develop the ability to take appropriate responsibility for your actions. This can be a crucial factor in sobriety because you can learn how to be honest as you make progress in your recovery journey. In sober living, learning how to stay accountable can help you both during treatment and in your life after. 

Following rules in sober living may sound as though we are trying to be controlling, but it actually means we are trying to teach you how to adapt to a healthy lifestyle while sober. Our society has rules in many aspects, including in the workplace. Learning how to follow rules while in sober living can later help you adjust to rules in your workplace. All of the rules and chores in place for our clients have the intention of helping them live a fulfilling sober life.

Getting the Most Out of Your Time in Treatment

In treatment, it is vital that you get the most out of the high level of support so that when you are no longer in a treatment program, you can transfer what you learned into your everyday life. One example of utilizing what you learned in treatment could be staying accountable in your recovery. Ultimately, you are in charge of your choices to stay sober. Remaining honest and knowing when to reach out for additional support if you need it is one way to stay accountable.  

We believe all of the rules and chores in sober living we have in place will help you during and after treatment. It is vital that you participate in the chores in sober living. We intend to help as much as we can so you can go on to live a fulfilling and sober life afterward. 

After treatment, you will likely need to apply what you learned in many different ways. For most, working a job and providing for your family is important. In this case, if you participated fully in your program and sober living, you will know how to apply what you learned to your life and your career. 

In sober living, you will be surrounded by other men who have recovery goals similar to yours. This can help with your motivation aspect of recovery. Our men who receive treatment from us usually form a close bond with each other. This bond can mean how you participate and involve yourself in completing chores can have an effect on the other men living with you. You are not alone in your recovery, and we hope to see all of the men we help onto the path of sobriety flourish in and outside of our treatment centers and sober living homes.  

Receiving treatment for addiction is a brave choice. Within your treatment program, there will be rules and chores in sober living you will need to follow. Although this may seem controlling or restrictive, it serves a purpose and can help you build the capacity to apply what you learn in treatment to your daily life after being discharged. Treatment has the capability of helping men build a strong bond with other men while turning their lives around. We believe our sober living option for outpatient clients can help you make the necessary changes to improve the quality of your life as you become sober and begin your recovery journey. Please call (801) 308-8898 today for more information.