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Why Families Need Recovery Education

Healing Family through Action

Addiction impacts families. It reveals negative emotions, thought patterns, and behaviors that can cripple sacred family relationships for the addicted and the afflicted. As spouses, parents, and friends of addicted loved ones, the best thing we can do to restore a relationship is to work on our own recovery from those destructive patterns.

The expectation that our loved ones can entirely change long-term patterns of addiction after 30 or 60 days of treatment is unrealistic. A steady, transitional approach with a strong aftercare program is essential. Likewise, the idea that we can change long-term reactive and destructive patterns within ourselves after attending one or two recovery meetings is

Healing family through action

Taking Action to Encourage Recovery

How many of our loved ones will suffer from relationship strain and shame because we are unwilling to learn how to recognize fault, judgment, and enabling patterns in our personal thoughts and actions? All afflicted parties can benefit from healthier patterns of communication and appropriate responses in order to heal relationships damaged by addiction.

Many of us have been informed about spiritual and physical healing but have yet to learn about the profound peace and serenity that comes from working the principles of emotional and relational healing.

Letting God In

We must do our part before the miracle manifests in our lives. Being willing to learn and practice recovery principles goes a long way. With time and diligence, miracles will come.

God honors humility, commitment, work, and action.

When recovery seems too hard and we want to give up on our loved ones or our relationships, God is there to lift us as long as we are willing to work and hold on to him. He will help introduce entire families to greater clarity, healing, and joy.

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