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Why Online Substance Addiction Treatment Is Vital

Jul 25, 2022

The lessons learned during the COVID-19 restrictions gave many people a new perspective on accessing mental and physical health care. Many people discovered the increased availability of health care programs because of telehealth services. The need to be at a physical location no longer existed. In addition, the cost of attending programs like an intensive outpatient program (IOP) decreased. 

Telehealth Services

If you ask most people how they feel, many could give you a quick answer. For example, a person can tell you they’re anxious, depressed, or happy. Those who know something is amiss but can’t describe their feelings may need a therapist to guide them through their emotions. 

Therapy is a form of self-care everyone should take advantage of at some point. The need for therapy exists if your emotions (depression, anxiety, or anger) disrupt your life. Yet, circumstances like work, location, or affordability can act as barriers to care. COVID-19 created the perfect reason to move services from a physical location to one where you can be anywhere. 

Substance addiction treatment centers readily moved many of their programs online. Although restrictions have been lifted and most have gone back to in-person treatment, the option to attend IOP online continues. You can live at home, work, and strengthen your commitment to sobriety all from the ease of your computer, tablet, or phone.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Not everyone needs the highest level of care (residential) when they seek to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs. When you attend your intake session at a substance addiction treatment center, an intake specialist asks questions that determine the level of care you require. As a result, you may qualify for IOP services.

An IOP is an option if you think your life is spiraling out of control. You can seek help from your therapist or enter a substance addiction treatment program. Once placed in an IOP program, you will receive the services and care vital to your physical and mental well-being.

Those who need residential treatment can transition to an IOP setting once they complete their substance addiction treatment center’s program. Transitioning to an IOP setting can give you the extra boost you need to maintain your sobriety. 

IOPs are structured programs that meet several times a week. Some programs have day or night classes that range in length of time. The goal of an IOP is to provide the necessary coping skills, education, and understanding needed to live a substance-free life. They are also an option if you feel you’re close to relapsing or have relapsed.

Advantages of Online Therapy

The pandemic brought comprehensive health care services into everyone’s home. An advantage of telehealth appointments is that health, substance addiction, and mental health services are accessible no matter where you are. Your therapist, group, or IOP can provide the care you need without you having to leave your home or office. A few other advantages of telehealth are:

  • Conversations with your therapist. Whether you have a phone, tablet, or computer, you can schedule an appointment and talk anywhere. For example, if you plan on talking with your therapist during your lunch hour, you can go outside and enjoy the weather.
  • Maintaining your privacy. People sometimes delay or avoid entering a substance addiction treatment program if they think others will know. The stigma of alcohol or drug addiction can be an obstacle to care. Telehealth removes the barrier because you can attend classes in private. The days of asking for time off or trying to re-arrange your schedule are over.
  • Eliminating travel time. You can make an appointment with your doctor or therapist without scheduling time to travel to them. Without travel barriers, you are freeing up time to focus on studying the Twelve Steps, your intentions, or the Bible. Furthermore, you create availability to spend time with loved ones.
  • Access care from a different part of the country or world. Whether you live in the next town or across the globe, you no longer need to worry about lacking access to the care you deserve. Online IOP classes allow you to live anywhere while healing yourself. For example, if you complete residential treatment at a substance addiction treatment center far away from home, you can transition to your center’s IOP. Before online IOP programs, in-person, physical access to your treatment center’s IOP program was limited if you lived far away.
  • Your environment plays a role in your recovery. Online IOPs give your therapist a glimpse of the environment that surrounds you. Your therapist can gain insight by observing your interactions with your surroundings. In addition to observing behaviors, your therapist can also spot potential relapse triggers.

The roles of family members are also essential to address. Online sessions are chances to involve your family in treatment. Family members can attend sessions with you or become involved in support groups.

The pandemic created opportunities for access. Because COVID-19 restrictions limited in-person interactions, health providers turned to telehealth services. Telehealth services allowed doctors and therapists to continue providing care to their clients. Soon, telehealth services became a part of the new normal. Accepting care via telehealth systems opened access to care previously limited to substance addiction treatment centers — telehealth filled in the gap between care programs and accessibility. Because services are available to anyone, anywhere, people can heal. Renaissance Ranch Treatment Centers offers an online IOP program that uses proven treatment methods. We believe everyone should have access to the treatment they deserve. Our team members provide the best online treatment program to ensure you are equipped with the skills you need. Combining a faith-based approach and evidence-based practices gives you a solid foundation in recovery. To learn more, call us at (801) 308-8898 today.