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Why Spiritual Healing Is Essential for Recovery

Dec 9, 2022

Spiritual healing is something that can take time. It involves some soul-searching and trusting in someone or something bigger than yourself. If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, tapping into your spirituality can be a huge help. 

Part of the 12-Step process involves turning over power to God or Higher Power and trusting Him to help you overcome your struggles with addiction. This can be a huge relief. Knowing that you are not alone in your battle with substance abuse can help you stay motivated to move forward into recovery. 

Benefits of Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is a huge component of treatment and recovery and has many benefits. 


Spirituality allows for a connection with someone more powerful than yourself. God or your Higher Power can serve as a source of support when you may feel no one else can help. Maintaining this connection throughout treatment and recovery give you someone to turn to when you need it most. 


Spirituality also offers hope. When you are battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may feel as though you are stuck in an endless cycle that you cannot break. Knowing that God or a Higher Power is there to help you overcome the many challenges you are experiencing offers a glimmer of light at the end of a seemingly endless tunnel.

Sense of Belonging

Tapping into your spiritual self can also lend to a sense of belonging. When you work to heal yourself spiritually, you are likely to attend gatherings or church services with others aiming to do other same. Surrounding yourself with others who can share in your experience and are working toward similar goals creates a feeling of community and belonging. 

Faith-Based Treatment

Spirituality is not something everyone feels comfortable with as they enter treatment, and that is alright. The goal is to keep an open mind and come to understand how a relationship with God or a Higher Power can serve you in your efforts to heal. 

It can be easy to assume that faith-based treatment is strictly for those who practice religion or at least consider themselves to be somewhat spiritual. This is not the case. Faith-based treatment can benefit anyone who desires treatment for addiction and wants to improve their quality of life. 

Keeping an Open Mind

In order to benefit fully from any treatment program, you must keep an open mind. In treatment, you are likely to experience new things and be encouraged to engage in self-reflection and expression. As a result, you may find yourself feeling vulnerable and exposed. This is all part of the healing process. In order to truly change and successfully navigate recovery, you need to open your mind and have the willingness to do the work. 

When it comes to spiritual healing during treatment and recovery, an open mind is essential. Whether you have grown up attending church or are new to the idea of God or a Higher Power, you are likely to learn and experience new things as part of your treatment and recovery journey.

As a faith-based facility, Renaissance Ranch encourages prayer and putting faith in God when it comes to coping with the challenges of addiction. There is great value in seeking God or a Higher Power in times of trouble. The more you practice, the more comfortable it becomes. 

The Twelve Steps and the Gospel

Spirituality and faith in God are mentioned throughout the Twelve Steps

Step Two

God or a Higher Power is first mentioned in Step Two. Step Two refers to acknowledging the fact that a greater power can restore you to sanity and help you overcome your battle with addiction. This can be a challenging but critical step. 

Step Three

Step Three involves relinquishing power. For all of the control-hungry, type-A individuals, this can be exceptionally difficult. During this step, you are accepting the reality that addiction has left you powerless. As a result, you need the help of someone greater and more powerful. There can be great relief and hope in embracing this step. 

Step Five

In Step Five, you are asked to admit your wrongs to yourself, God, and others. This is where you begin to mend relationships and move forward. By admitting your faults, you are able to recognize specific missteps that led to where you are today. 

Step Seven

After acknowledging and admitting your wrongs, the next step is to ask God to remove these burdens and imperfections and allow for change. Coming to terms with who you have become as a result of addiction is hard. You likely have many regrets and feel some shame and guilt. Step Seven involves allowing God to transform you from the person you are into the person you want to become in recovery. 

Embracing Spirituality in Recovery

God and spirituality continue to play a vital role throughout the rest of the 12-Step process. You will experience spiritual growth and healing with each step. 

Spiritual healing is a critical part of the treatment and recovery process. Allowing God or a Higher Power to help guide, support, and forgive you is essential to your progress  Addiction is a complex disease to combat. Having someone more powerful to help you through the difficulties and hardships is necessary. At Renaissance Ranch, we combine evidence-based strategies with faith-based principles to help promote physical, mental, and spiritual healing. We help clients understand the benefit of having a relationship with God in recovery. If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, we would love to hear from you. To begin your journey to recovery, call Renaissance Ranch today at (801) 308-8898.