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Why You Should Celebrate National Men’s Health Week

Jun 28, 2022

When was the last time you had an annual exam with your doctor? Men need to pay attention to their bodies. Health issues like erectile dysfunction and prostate issues are unique and gender-specific. Instead of putting off necessary health care appointments, commit yourself and schedule a doctor’s appointment during Men’s Health Week.

Why You Should Make an Appointment With a Doctor

The life expectancy gap between women and men is shrinking. The generalization of the life expectancy gap doesn’t consider the reasons why, though. At the same time, men indeed have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease than women. In comparison, however, men have higher daily functioning than women as they age. In addition, men also have unique health issues like erectile dysfunction and prostate issues. 

Throughout the last century, the life expectancy gap between men and women has been attributed to the uptick in cardiovascular disease and smoking. The good news is between 1980 and 2013, the difference in ages of death between men and women decreased. A part of the decrease is attributed to behavioral changes and treatment.

An appointment with your doctor can help you identify any potential or current health issues. Once you’re aware of physical or mental health issues, you can take the steps required to change your daily routine. For example, if you have an increased risk of liver disease, your doctor can recommend ways to decrease the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. In some cases, liver disease is a sign of substance addiction. 

Regular exams by your doctor ensure monitoring of your cardiovascular health. Because men are susceptible to heart disease, stroke, or diabetes, seeing your doctor can prevent or reduce the risk of having an illness. Unfortunately, cardiovascular disease can occur due to harmful habits like using substances. If you think you have a substance addiction issue, talking with your doctor can guide you in seeking treatment.

Men’s Health Risks

Whitecoat syndrome is real. Going to the doctor can increase your anxiety. While the fear of seeing a doctor can contribute to men not going to the doctor, it isn’t the only reason.

Men don’t go to the doctor as often as women. Even if a man knows he needs medical attention, he may not seek the care he needs. Think about the last time you were sick. Did you know you should make an appointment and talk with your doctor? If you did, what stopped you? The decision to avoid the doctor varies from one man to another, but your reason may reflect cultural and societal expectations of men. 

One of the most common reasons men tend to avoid any form of health care is a lack of need. Many men, maybe even you, think they don’t need to see a doctor. However, everyone needs to see a doctor for specific reasons. One of the reasons you should see a doctor is an annual exam. A yearly exam can help prevent or treat illness, decreasing the need for emergency or visits due to diseases like cancer.

Suppose you have a cold and think you do not need to go to the doctor. The tendency is to tell yourself that it will go away. Yet, some illnesses have similar symptoms to other sicknesses. Additionally, when left untreated, some diseases (e.g., bronchitis) can become worse (e.g., pneumonia). Don’t avoid going to the doctor even if you think it will disappear. Maybe it will, but a doctor’s visit can decrease the symptoms and the length of the illness.

Cultural, societal, or personal gender roles can prevent you from making an appointment. Instead of thinking of a visit to the doctor as a weakness, think of it as a strength. Being healthy means you can take part in activities and social situations.

5 Health Risks for Men

Many of the health risks men face are treatable or preventable if diagnosed early. Five preventable or treatable diseases include:

  • Liver disease: Men have higher levels of substance use – for instance, alcohol. Alcohol increases the risk of liver diseases like cirrhosis. Furthermore, substances increase risky behavior like unprotected sex. Viral hepatitis B is an example of a disease transmitted from one person to another during unprotected sex.
  • Cardiovascular disease is treatable and preventable: Yearly check-ups can help you avoid potential issues.
  • Respiratory disease: The American Lung Association reports that more men are diagnosed with lung cancer each year. While occupational hazards can increase the risk, smoking (tobacco, marijuana, or other substances) is still the leading cause of lung cancer.
  • Skin cancer: Yearly appointments with your doctor or a dermatologist can prevent or catch early-stage skin cancer. 
  • Diabetes: There are many preventable side effects of untreated diabetes. Some of those health issues are erectile dysfunction, nerve damage, and damage to the kidneys, eyes, and hearing.

There are many reasons to put aside time to celebrate Men’s Health Week. First, though, find your motivation and make an appointment with your doctor for a check-up.

Men tend to neglect their health. Unfortunately, by failing to take the steps necessary to stay healthy, they increase their risk of illness. Yearly exams can prevent or treat diseases if diagnosed in the early stages. There are several psychological reasons why men don’t go to the doctor. Fear of being diagnosed or making a lifestyle change are two of them. Another possible explanation is having a doctor discover a substance use disorder. Renaissance Ranch Treatment Centers provides the mental and physical health care you need to heal your mind and body. Our faith-based treatment philosophy guides you to discover a life without substances. You can lead a healthier, more meaningful life when you permit yourself to seek the health you need. Discover how to listen to your body and integrate healthy coping skills into your daily routines. Find comfort in our serene setting. Call us today at (801) 308-8898.