Why You Should Use an Intervention Specialist to Help Your Loved One

Oct 10, 2023

When a loved one struggles with addiction, it can be hard to express your concerns in a way that is helpful and evokes change. There is no question as to whether or not you want your loved one to receive help, but often confrontation with a loved one struggling with addiction can be tricky. Navigating to help your loved one get the help they need could also feel overwhelming for you. Utilizing an intervention specialist could be a great option in these cases. 

Ways Intervention Specialists Can Help Your Loved Ones

Intervention specialists are trained professionals who can be utilized to help your loved one struggling with addiction. The overall goal of an intervention is to help your loved one come to understand that their addiction is a problem that needs treatment. At Renaissance Ranch, our admissions director can assist with interventions. We believe the use of an intervention specialist like ours can be a great option for many individuals because specialists know how to navigate situations that may feel stressful to the friends and family who are involved.

An important piece to consider is that intervention specialists can help with mediation. Mediating an intervention could be difficult for a family member or friend. One reason an intervention specialist may be better suited is because they are a neutral third party. Neutral third parties can typically see the whole picture better than a family member or friend because they can offer a different perspective. 

It is important that if you choose to utilize an intervention specialist, you have some treatment options ready to discuss. Some research may be necessary to ensure that your loved one has the best options for them made available to them. Renaissance Ranch could be an option for men who need help with addictions to alcohol or substances

When to Consider an Intervention Specialist

Early intervention has been proven beneficial for people with addiction. The sooner your loved one is able to admit to struggling with addiction, the sooner they can accept help. We believe an intervention specialist may be one way you can help your loved one get the help they need sooner rather than later. It is not uncommon for individuals with addiction to struggle to admit they aren’t in control. An intervention specialist could be able to help your loved one understand that the addiction is in control. 

You may also want to consider a specialist in case you are unsure of how to talk about your loved one’s addiction with them. In the case that your loved one is not willing to say they need help for their addiction, an intervention may be needed. Having an intervention specialist present can allow you to share your concerns with your loved one effectively. 

Another instance where you may want to consider an intervention specialist could include wanting to keep the conversation productive while preventing any negative escalation. Talking about addiction to your loved one has the potential for an angry response to arise. This can happen for many reasons, especially if your loved one has not admitted to needing help before. Having an intervention specialist to help de-escalate if the conversation becomes heated in some way, is helpful to everyone involved.

What to Expect From an Intervention for Your Loved One

Planning an intervention for your loved one could feel less overwhelming when you are aware of what to expect. During an intervention, it is important that your loved one is able to admit to struggling with addiction and agree to get help. We understand that your loved one will not recover if they are not ready. With this in mind, having a successful intervention could be critical. One tip could be for anyone speaking during the intervention to write down what they want to say beforehand.

A goal included in having an intervention for your loved one could be to help them understand just how loved they truly are. Ultimately, your loved one’s life matters and, because of this, they also need to know recovery is possible. We know you understand your loved one deserves to recover; it is important that they come to agree. The gesture of having an intervention for your loved one shows how much you care. 

It is important to remember throughout the process that addiction does not define your loved one, and they may initially say hurtful things to try to deflect. As previously mentioned, an intervention specialist can help de-escalate if something like this occurs. You can expect an intervention specialist to help reiterate the importance of change happening today, and that it is not put off. This will help to create the best opportunity for your loved one to begin their recovery journey. 

We know it is difficult when your loved one is struggling with addiction. It is important to make help available to them as soon as possible. Utilizing an intervention specialist is one way you can do so effectively. Intervention specialists are professionals who can help your loved one understand they are loved and deserving of treatment. It is key to have your loved one accept help during an intervention and follow through with changes that day. Avoiding accepting immediate help is not uncommon. An intervention specialist can help ensure your loved one understands change needs to be made because their life matters. Please call (801) 308-8898 for any additional information regarding intervention specialists and how we can help you today.