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Addiction Recovery Based on LDS Principles

redemption Renaissance Ranch is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation program consistent with LDS principles and practices. We use the traditional 12 Step approach to treatment combined with gospel principles as they relate to alcohol and drug addiction for a results-driven LDS rehab program. We believe that true recovery includes spiritual healing. It has been our experience that this approach has proven to be the most successful.

Lifetime Contract

We at Renaissance Ranch believe in the continuing success of our clients, and we know how difficult the lifetime pursuit of sobriety can be. That is why we offer a Lifetime Contract. When a client completes our entire program—90 days of residential treatment, 90 days of intensive outpatient treatment, and 6 months of continuing care—they have a Lifetime Contract with us. This means that if you have a substance abuse challenge down the road, are assessed to our level of care, and have a desire to become sober once again, you can go through our entire program again at no additional cost.

Alumni Network

One key element to our approach here at Renaissance Ranch is our belief that you never truly stop striving for recovery. Sobriety isn’t just a one-time goal. It is a lifestyle, and one that we are entirely devoted to in everything that we do. While this may be of great importance to other recovery centers, what makes us unique at Renaissance Ranch is that we have a thriving alumni network of people who are living proof of our approach and ideology in action.

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