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5 Benefits of Choosing Christ-Centered Treatment

Aug 9, 2022

During treatment and throughout recovery, leaning on God can be very helpful. For those with a religious background, seeking God during hardships may come naturally. For others, it may be something that takes some practice.

It is no secret that treatment and recovery can be difficult. From detox to being well into recovery, there will be battles to face that you will need support in overcoming. Turning to God or a higher power during these times can reassure you that you are not alone and can get through anything with God’s help.

Treatment centers and programs focused on God and fostering spirituality as part of the healing process can instill lifelong virtues in clients. There are many benefits to faith-based treatment models. Below are just a few ways in which these facilities and programs stand out.

#1. Prayer

Facilities that offer spiritual-based programming often incorporate prayer. Prayer refers to spending time connecting with God or a higher power. This can involve asking for help, requesting guidance or advice, or sending praise for a blessing.

Praying daily is often encouraged to facilitate a relationship and close connection with God. This allows you to develop a healthy habit of checking in with yourself and recognizing your needs. The more you pray, the more likely you are to turn to God in times of need.

#2. Hope

Christ-centered facilities offer hope in the idea that God is in control. During addiction and even throughout treatment, it can be common to feel as if you have lost complete control of your life. It may seem impossible to regain control and get back on track. Scripture reassures you that no matter the obstacle, you can power through. God does not give you things you cannot handle.

There is also hope in knowing that God forgives. Many who find themselves seeking treatment for substance abuse are riddled with shame and guilt. Relationships are often strained, jobs lost, and many bridges burned when you are impacted by addiction.

God forgives us no matter the sin. As stated in the Bible, all sins are created equal. That means that God forgives us for decisions made as a result of substance abuse, just as he forgives us for lying or cheating on a test. Finding hope in knowing God’s love is unconditional can be very encouraging.

#3. Healing

Scripture is full of miracles of healing. If you are battling addiction, you may need healing in many ways. Substance abuse often harms your mental health and physical body and can cause spiritual damage or disconnect. Through God, healing in each of the areas is possible. Christ-focused centers may aim to heal using evidenced-based treatments combined with the healing power of God.

#4. Change

Creating change is hard. Even small changes can be challenging to make. The life changes that occur as you transition from addiction to treatment can be huge and often seem impossible. Having faith that God can carry you through and help you take steps toward big changes is key.

Building and maintaining a connection with God can also create accountability that is very beneficial to helping you make and sustain changes. Knowing God is behind you and cheering you on can be motivating when tackling major changes.

#5. Help

Seeking God or a higher power and relinquishing control is part of a 12-Step process, and for a good reason. Seeking treatment and entering recovery can be overwhelming, to say the least. It is important to accept that you have lost control and need help getting back on your feet. Faith-based recovery reminds you that God is always there to lend a helping hand.

Treatment and recovery can feel very isolating at times. You may have lost touch with many of those who you used to rely on for help and support. Connecting with and relying on God to fill that emptiness can help.

Christ-centered treatment and recovery can have many advantages and can help you heal in many ways. You can learn to connect with God and rely on him in times of distress. As supported in the following statement made by Brian J. Grim and Melissa E. Grim, faith-based treatment is a superior and increasingly favored option. “We find that 73% of addiction treatment programs in the USA include a spirituality-based element, as embodied in the 12-Step programs and fellowships initially popularized by Alcoholics Anonymous, the vast majority of which emphasize reliance on God or a Higher Power to stay sober.” Learning to lean on God in your journey to recovery can help you heal, resist temptation, and stay on track.

Seeking God during treatment and throughout recovery can help you remain focused, encouraged, and on track. By praying daily, leaning on God for help, staying connected and accountable, and working to maintain your spiritual health, you can be successful in your efforts to reach and maintain sobriety. At Renaissance Ranch, we combine faith-based principles with other evidence-based treatment modalities to ensure well-rounded healing and long-lasting results. At the ranch, we encourage daily prayer, meditation, and scripture study to instill focus and provide clarity. We hold weekly church meetings and have spiritual leaders available on-site to provide coaching and consult. Let us help you reach your goals so you can heal physically, mentally, and spiritually. If you or someone you love is struggling with drugs or alcohol addiction, consider our faith-focused program for treatment and recovery. Call Renaissance Ranch today at (801) 308-8898.