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Daily Truths to Remind Yourself of Throughout Your Recovery

Jun 24, 2021


Not only should you recognize what you don’t need to say to yourself (anything brought on by things such as shame, regret, or harsh words from unsupportive people), but it’s also important to know what you should say to yourself — the things to remind yourself of as you walk through the recovery process.

Most of these reminders are likely part of your classes and the overall theme of recovery, but it never hurts to continuously put these truths at the forefront of your brain. After all, without putting these positive cues into practice, they will never be anything more than reminders.

Take a look at this list of five simple reminders that should be part of your everyday language. Identify which mantras you already integrate, and take note of which ones need to be added to your list:

“Look how supportive my people are.”

You’ve made it to recovery, and that’s a big step. What’s great about recovery is that big steps are constantly celebrated by so many people: staff members, medical doctors, professional counselors, and fellow recoverees.

This is your team, and it’s a team that not only wants to see you win but helps you win. They are more than fans in the stands, more than cheerleaders on the sidelines. They are your teammates who put in the practice, sweat, and tears with you. Because of this group effort, your victory is their victory.

Never take for granted a support group that actively participates in your wins.

“Look how many opportunities I have.”

It is great to have a solid support group that helps you succeed, but that success only follows the opportunities that you seize. With the help of professionals in your program, there are so many new opportunities you can plug into.

Gaining the skills to fight substance abuse is the obvious opportunity, but you’re also given the chance to explore education options, like receiving your GED or going to college. You also have the opportunity to discover new career opportunities, using skills that you already had or giving a new career field a try.

Always remember the opportunities you’re provided with to learn, grow, and challenge yourself.

“Look how I can make a difference.”

When you have the support and resources to invest in yourself, you have the chance to invest in others and your community. You’re given the opportunity to make a big difference, an impact for the better.

You might feel that you’re starting out small, like getting your GED or taking a minimum-wage job, but these opportunities serve as crucial stepping stones to grow you as a person, to grow your skillset, and to pave new ways for you to make friends and give back to others.

No matter your education level or the size of your paycheck, if you’re growing and serving others, you’re making a valuable difference.

“Look how far I’ve come.”

The past isn’t solely for regrets. You don’t have to look at it through a lens of shame and guilt. Rather, learn to see the past as a way to recognize just how far you’ve come. After all, you’re in recovery. You’re doing the hard work and putting in the effort to change your life.

That’s no small feat, especially when you consider the classes you’re taking, the new health goals you’re working through, and the mental effort you’re putting into the healing process. Couple all of this with discovering things like education opportunities, career opportunities, and community opportunities, and allow yourself to celebrate.

You’ve come a long way — pat yourself on the back.

“Look how far I’m going.”

Think of all the teammates you have in your corner, constantly supporting your journey. It can be helpful to list out their names. Write them down on a sticky note for the car, bathroom mirror, or anywhere else that you can notice daily — and thank God for a group of people who know how far you’re going to go.

Recall all the opportunities you’ve had — not only to get clean but to finally go back to school to finish that degree that you always wanted, to try that job everyone always told you would never work out. List those out, too. Stick them where you can see them. Consider yourself blessed to start fresh with all the things you never thought possible.

Last but most importantly, remember who you are — not who you were, but who you are. Take time to rejoice in all that you’ve been through, worked through, and become. Furthermore, remember that because of this, you’ll go far.

It is important to make sure that you see value in who you are today and who you will be tomorrow. It’s time for the past to stop defining you. Shame and regret no longer hold a place in your life. You put in all the hard work and took all the necessary steps to make recovery such a vital priority in your journey. Here at Renaissance Ranch, we want to celebrate with you. Meanwhile, we know that it’s crucial for you to celebrate yourself — to recognize how far you’ve come and how far you will go as you grow in mind, body, and spirit. It’s important that you remember how to speak to yourself, how to live with self-worth, and have true respect for your time and others. With programs ranging from alumni retreats to family recovery treatment, you are sure to find the support that suits your individual needs at Renaissance Ranch. For more information, call us today at (801) 308-8898.