Renaissance Ranch

Finding Faith in Treatment and Recovery

Nov 24, 2022

Having faith in tough times can be tricky. If you have ever been through something really challenging, you may have found yourself feeling hopeless and alone. If you are struggling with addiction, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

However, having faith can help. Generally speaking, faith refers to complete confidence in something or someone. In spiritual terms, faith means believing in something despite not being able to prove it exists. Both definitions apply to addiction recovery. 

You must develop full confidence in yourself and your ability to succeed in treatment and recovery. There comes the point where you will likely need to put your faith in something you cannot prove, such as God or a Higher Power. 

Sometimes, having people or activities in place to help you stay hopeful can be very beneficial. By selecting a treatment facility that places a focus on spiritual-based principles, you will be encouraged to tap into faith to carry you through. 

Faith-Based Treatment

Maybe you grew up going to church, or maybe you have recently become more interested in religion or spiritual practices. Perhaps, you have little to no experience with it and have never read even a verse of scripture. You might even feel as though religion is not for you and choose to avoid places of worship or spiritual gatherings. 

Regardless of which of these statements you relate to, choosing a faith-based treatment facility could benefit you more than you might think. Our program at Renaissance Ranch incorporates scripture and spiritual practices into teachings and group lessons. 

The advantages of this form of treatment can include:

  • Hope found in scripture
  • A more positive outlook
  • Better connection with self
  • Feeling less isolated and alone
  • A strong relationship with God or a higher power
  • Complete understanding and completion of 12-Step practices

Faith in God or a Higher Power

Having faith in someone or something greater than yourself can be extremely helpful in times of trouble. When you feel like you have lost control and see no way out, putting your faith in God may be all you have left. 

In order to put your faith in God or a Higher Power during tough times, you need to have a relationship with Him. This can be created through prayer or seeking God on a regular basis. It can be helpful to communicate any fears, worries, or even praises to God or a higher power daily. 

Not only does this relationship serve you well during treatment, but knowing you can turn to a Higher Power throughout recovery can be very comforting. 12-Step programs speak heavily to spiritual growth and highlight the need to turn control and power over to God or a Higher Power. 

Faith in Yourself

As you progress through the program, it becomes very important for you to build confidence and have faith in your ability to succeed. Part of this confidence may stem from knowing you have God or a Higher Power to turn to when things do feel unmanageable. 

The more comfortable you become with who you are in recovery and what you want to achieve, the more belief you will have in your ability to achieve these things. Having faith in yourself does not mean you expect perfection. It does mean, however, that you feel competent to handle challenges you might face in recovery and know when and how to ask for help when you need it. 

Giving Faith a Chance

What do you have to lose? Sure, talking to God or a Higher Power might be a new concept for you. The truth is that verbalizing your thoughts and feelings can promote healing in itself. If you don’t feel comfortable saying things aloud just yet, consider writing down your prayer requests. This can help you sort out what you want to say and build confidence for when you are ready to seek that connection. 

At Renaissance Ranch, we help guide clients to awaken their spirituality by facilitating groups and activities to encourage a faith-based connection. We have found that spending time focusing on the relationship between you and God or a Higher Power can make a tremendous difference when it comes to avoiding relapse and staying on track in recovery. 

Knowing that you have someone more powerful than yourself in your corner at all times can be empowering. Knowing this can also help you tap into your inner strength and restore your faith in yourself as you move through recovery. 

Coping with the challenges of addiction recovery will not be easy. Finding faith through the process can help. Consider selecting a facility that helps you understand the gospel and how a spiritual connection can work for you. 

Having faith after struggling with addiction can be a battle. You have been through a lot, and putting your full confidence in yourself or a Higher Power can be scary. However, this is critical to your success in recovery. Having faith provides hope. Without hope, you can easily throw in the towel or fall victim to relapse. At Renaissance Ranch, we teach clients the importance of spiritual healing and show them how spirituality can support their sobriety. We provide a Christ-centered approach to treatment combined with various evidence-based modalities. If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, we would love to speak with you about our programs. Call Renaissance Ranch today at (801) 308-8898.