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Finding Hope and Happiness in Treatment

Aug 17, 2022

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Happiness is a choice”? While this is probably easier said than done, there is some truth to it. Choosing to be happy may seem impossible or even absurd during difficult times. How could you choose to be happy in the midst of struggling, after experiencing loss, or while battling addiction

Consider breaking it down a bit. By seeing the good in things, you can find happiness, even if it is just a sliver, amidst the darkness. Celebrating small victories can enable you to find hope, even just for a moment. While these brief or minimal glimmers of happiness and hope may seem minor, they can be enough to encourage you to keep going. 

Choosing Happiness

Choosing happiness is a phrase you often see plastered on t-shirts, wall hangings, or billboards that may seem cliché or even a little cringe-worthy when you’re struggling or going through hard times. What about something like “See the bright side” instead? Although difficult, if you search hard enough, you can often find a silver lining in most situations.

Consider addiction, for example. The mere thought of going through detox and treatment may seem incredibly daunting. However, consider the positives. Think about what could improve as a result of your decision to seek help. This could mean better relationships, better employment, and a healthier and happier version of yourself.

This could even apply to something circumstantial or temporary, such as job loss or the end of a relationship. Consider what you may have gained from the experience. Did you learn something? Maybe a new, better opportunity presented itself as a result of the unwelcome change.

Choosing to find the good in situations that aren’t quite ideal is an acquired skill. If you train yourself to see or look for the positives, you are destined to find more happiness during treatment and recovery, and in life itself.

Celebrating Successes

When it comes to success, people often experience many ups and downs prior to achieving it. Many set unrealistic goals only to find themselves failing again and again. Others may be so focused on the big picture or end result that they neglect to recognize the growth and progress they make along the way.

Celebrating each small victory in life can be very motivating and encouraging. During treatment and recovery, you may experience many successes and slip-ups. This is part of the journey and it allows us to become more resilient with each experience.

Acknowledging each small win can help you maintain momentum toward your goals. It feels good to win, right? Imagine getting a little boost each day. Did you fit in a little time for exercise today? Pat yourself on the back! Were you able to spend some time in prayer before starting your busy work day? Celebrate your efforts to slow down and make time for what is important.

Goal-setting is an incredibly important part of change and growth. Setting small, attainable goals can allow you to feel more accomplished more often. This can motivate you to stay on track and set new goals as you improve.

During Treatment

Treatment can be a time of uncertainty, isolation, and shame for many. While negative thoughts and feelings may feel consuming, consider thinking about the positive. You have taken such a brave step toward making a better life for yourself. By choosing to enter treatment, you are putting yourself and your health first.

Connecting with God frequently and working to strengthen that relationship can be very uplifting. So many scriptures reference hope and happiness amid hardship. Spending some time studying God’s word or in prayer each day can restore hope for your future.

Celebrating the small successes each day during treatment and recovery can make all the difference. Give yourself credit for each small accomplishment, even if it may seem insignificant to others. Maybe you tried a new activity or took the first step toward reconnecting with a loved one. Perhaps you stepped out of your comfort zone a bit and shared a story about your experience during group therapy. Even if the only accomplishment for the day was staying sober another day, that is worth celebrating.

By finding the good in even the most difficult times and praising yourself for the efforts you make each day, you can feel happier and more hopeful during treatment and throughout recovery. Journaling, praying, and connecting with others are excellent methods for practicing this. Make the most of your treatment experience by choosing to seek the silver lining and giving yourself the credit you deserve.

Finding happiness and hope during treatment and throughout recovery can be possible. Your mindset is very important, as are your actions. If you find ways to see the positive in things, you can better process, cope with, and overcome obstacles and difficult times. Treatment can be trying at times. Recognizing your growth and progress through each small step in the right direction enables you to remain motivated and hopeful. At Renaissance Ranch, we understand how hard the transition into treatment and recovery can be. Let us help you every step of the way. We offer a variety of programs suited to support you and your individual needs throughout your treatment and recovery journey. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, we would love to help. Let us help you achieve happiness and find hope again. Call us today at (801) 308-8898 to learn more.