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How the Church Can Support Your Journey

May 11, 2021

How the Church Can Support Your Journey

The Church was established by Jesus as a global resource for the hurting. There would be no outcasts, no outliers, none excluded. On a local level, the church is designed to serve as the center of the community, as the place people can turn to for love, encouragement, and support, especially during difficult seasons. The steeple was never meant to be a place of judgment, assumptions, and abused authority.

Unfortunately, that’s what some churches have become. Pride, selfishness, and skepticism hold too much weight in the eyes of certain congregations, and as a result, there are church leaders who have created a nasty stigma that leaves people feeling ashamed and unworthy to show up — no matter who they are or what they’ve done, good or bad.

On the more hopeful flip side, it’s a matchless blessing to find a church that mirrors Christ, that looks at the needs rather than deeds. For anyone who longs for spiritual recovery from drugs, a healthy, engaged, sound church serves as a fantastic accountability partner. Such accountability is worth the search and is vital for your faith to mature.

Renaissance Ranch’s Lifetime Guarantee ensures that all patients who complete treatment will receive constant support long after they have finished their program, throughout any and all new seasons of life. This promise not only includes physical, mental, and emotional support but spiritual support, too. As a result, Renaissance Ranch offers this checklist of key components that reflect a Christ-centered, spiritually sound church that serves as a steady, sure fit for someone experiencing rehabilitation.

Active Small Group And/or Mentorship For Addiction Recovery

Not every church, especially smaller churches, will have a small group or Sunday school class strictly dedicated to addiction recovery. Still, it’s important to note which churches have recognized the need and created a space for rehabilitating individuals to find counsel, support, and therapy resources.

Always reach out to the church’s secretary or visit their welcome center to find group programs or one-on-one mentorships that offer the opportunity to comfortably address spiritual needs as they relate to matters such as recovery from drug addiction or alcohol abuse. Often, church leaders, like pastors, small group leaders, and Sunday school teachers, can become the necessary resource or serve as the segue to finding the proper people and materials.

When a church actively provides these assets or is willing to discover the proper leaders and tools for rehabilitation, they not only welcome those who have struggled with drug addiction, but they voluntarily celebrate the road to healing and desire to be part of another’s spiritual journey.

They embody Christ’s original intent for the church and prioritize serving others, meeting them where they are, above all else. This not only serves as a selfless promise through the rehabilitation process, but it provides hope that this church is a safe place to continue spiritual growth throughout all of life’s other seasons, both difficult and celebratory.

Vulnerable, Honest Church Leaders

As the story typically goes, people learn to trust what others say until they don’t follow through. Then, people are often left hurt, scarred, bruised, and afraid to trust again. They keep their fists closed and their vulnerability locked up tight, watching and waiting for someone to walk their talk long enough that it seems safe, even feels slightly comfortable, to open up (but only a little bit).

It’s easy to approach church the same way. When pastors, teachers, and leaders speak from a place of authority, it’s natural to want to take them at their word and willfully believe them, but meanwhile, skepticism gleaned from the past keeps many people extra cautious. In some ways, humans, both as individuals and societies, must work on vulnerability. Still, there’s spiritual discernment in others, a gift that God gives to people that provides permission for everyone to step back and pray, pause and watch what church leaders say, and then watch what church leaders do.

This doesn’t leave room for people to keep their testimony hidden away or shy away from church altogether because that can stunt any opportunity to grow and learn from others. However, when church leaders truly practice what they preach, walk their talk, and mean what they say, they create a church culture that people can bank on for positive, healthy spiritual development.

Powerful Community Engagement

It’s easy for the local church to support its own—for small groups, Sunday school classes, and children’s activities to center on perfect attendees—but the church is only the true Church when it constantly and boldly invites the community into its doors.

Many times, those who are struggling spiritually don’t feel worthy enough to bring themselves to church, whether their struggle is with drug addiction, marital tension, financial temptations, or other issues. That means it’s often up to the congregation to extend the invitation in a warm, honest way. If the church fails to reach outside its walls and invite people in and isn’t plugging in anywhere outside its mailing address, the people have lost sight of the meaning behind the Gospel.

A church that doesn’t weigh out sins and righteous deeds, that doesn’t put a person’s life on a balancing scale before entry, is a church led by the Spirit, a church that will offer hope, encouragement, and connection to all—regardless of past sins or performance for the future.

Finding a local church to plug into as you consider rehabilitation is not only healthy but vital to your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being. You can’t just find a church to plug into, though. You must find the right church that provides you with the resources to continue your recovery while also providing opportunities for you to invest in others within your community. Sure, there are plenty of “church finder” online resources to aid in your search for a church that’s the right fit for you. Still, the knowledgeable and friendly staff at Renaissance Ranch are more than willing to partner with you and help you navigate a trustworthy church where you can discover mentors, engage in healthy community activities, and find consistent spiritual nourishment. As part of our lifetime commitment guarantee, all patients who complete our program have access to our unlimited time and resources. To learn more, contact us today at (801) 308-8898.