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Is an Online IOP Right for Me?

Sep 18, 2023

Treatment of any kind can be a big change in people’s lives. Treatment specifically for addiction can entail lengthy stays away from home. For some, that is necessary and the best option. For some others, leaving home is not doable. Many adults who work do not have the option to take extended breaks from their jobs. This can be true for students as well. We understand that treatment needs to be accessible. Our online intensive outpatient program (IOP) is an option we can offer if we think your situation would be fitting. Online IOP is not the best option for everyone, but we certainly want to include online IOP in our treatment programs for those it could work for.

Who Online IOP Is Best Suited For

Online IOP is a treatment option we offer at Renaissance Ranch. Our approach has shown to be beneficial to many men and their families. Online IOP could be right for individuals who have been in treatment before and can now safely take part in a less intensive program. We understand that there are responsibilities that some individuals can not simply put on pause. In these cases, Online IOP could be right for you. Working can be one way we find meaning and purpose, so for these men who also do not need intensive care and supervision, online IOP is a great option.

Online IOP is not necessarily best suited for individuals that need a high level of care. Everyone’s needs are different and we want to best cater to each individual’s needs. This includes having our patients in the best treatment program to address their specific needs. Online IOP could be a great option for men who are in school. Having the option to access treatment online is important.

Furthering your education could be an obligation you are proud of. Furthering your education can be beneficial in many different ways, and we don’t want to negatively interfere with that. It is important we support you the best we can at any level of care, including online IOP. Recovery needs to come first, but in the case that school is benefiting your recovery, online IOP could be a good fit.

What Is Online IOP?

Treatment with Renaissance Ranch is faith-based. This will be in place through our online IOP as well. We believe everyone deserves to recover from addiction. Offering online IOP is a way we can help reach more individuals seeking recovery. Online IOP would entail committing to your recovery and participation in the program. Treatment online can also include addressing anxiety, depression, and other co-occurring mental health issues. We can also offer referrals for other services, such as help regarding eating disorders and grief or loss for example.

Online IOP could allow you to stay in school or at your job while we help support you in recovery. IOP is a four days a week program with one individual session weekly. We believe recovery is possible for any man when he is ready. For some, online IOP may seem like the best option, but a higher level of care may be necessary. That is why it is important to look at all of the factors involved. You will not have to choose your level of care alone. Our team is happy to assist you during your assessment. 

When Treatment Online Is Not a Good Option

Online IOP could sound like an appealing option because of the ability to stay at work or in school. Online IOP is not for everyone, though. Some instances where online IOP would not be best for you are if you need more support than what we can offer online. Our staff will be able to help determine what level of care is right for you through your assessment. Another example of when online IOP would not be best for you is if you need peer support. Peer support can be a vital part of recovery so it is important that if you do not have peer support, you may look into a program that is not virtual. 

Sometimes our environments can be risky or contribute to addiction. It may be difficult to make that connection, but our professionals are here to help you. Online IOP may not be suitable for individuals who struggle within their typical daily environment. When we are not living in a safe space, it makes it difficult to heal successfully. Some men in our care need time away from their jobs or school to be able to focus on recovery. 

We know millions of Americans are affected by addiction. We want to make sure we best support anyone coming to us for help. Online IOP could be one way we do that for you or someone you love. Although addiction is not curable, it is treatable and we want to be a source of assistance. We can help you to decide if online IOP is right for you.

We understand that treatment for addiction needs to be accessible. Not all individuals can stop working or attending school for treatment. We believe everyone deserves recovery. With this in mind, we can offer online IOP to individuals who do not need a higher level of care. Online IOP can be a great option for many people for a variety of other reasons like the inability to travel for treatment. We want to best support anyone who comes to us for help, and we believe offering online IOP for some can be that life-changing option needed for recovery. Please call (801) 308-8898 today for any additional information about our online IOP.