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Keeping an Open Mind and Thinking Positively

May 24, 2022

Thinking positively and attempting to keep an open mind can make even the worst of experiences a bit more bearable. By adjusting your way of thinking and choosing to focus on the positive in things, you can better adapt to situations that may not be ideal. During treatment, it can be easy to become discouraged and closed off, particularly if you experience some ups and downs during your journey. Keeping an open mind and welcoming the processes of treatment, which are proven to work, can ensure you achieve sobriety. 

Positive Thinking

Have you ever found yourself feeling down in the dumps and thinking that nothing seems to be going your way? We tend to adopt a negative mindset in times of distress, which only makes matters worse. This can create a snowball effect of unfortunate feelings and events that is difficult to disrupt. By choosing to think positively about things, even during tough times, you will likely find that you are better equipped to not only cope with your current challenges but may be more receptive to the support you likely need during this time. (Learn more about the benefits of positive thinking here.) 

Your Perspective

Often, the way we respond to and interpret circumstances is all about perspective. For example, choosing to seek treatment is a huge leap of faith and comes with major lifestyle changes. You could choose to focus on the inconvenience of leaving family and friends or perhaps taking leave from a job. Alternately, you could choose to embrace the changes knowing you have made a positive step in the right direction and will be surrounded by people and engaged in programs to help you. 

Shifting your perspective to focus on the positive in a situation can really make all the difference. A few positive things to focus on during treatment and recovery could include things like your progress, your health, and good relationships. Treatment can also help you identify new skills or hobbies that you might not have otherwise discovered. Choosing to find one positive thing in each day is a great place to start. 

Keeping an Open Mind

Seeking treatment can require you to adopt some new ways of thinking and incorporate new practices or activities into your routine. For instance, you will be participating in group therapies, which may require you to share information about your battles with drugs or alcohol with others. You may also be expected to adhere to a schedule each day, or at least be held accountable for attending various activities and events. Being open to trying new things and being receptive to the programs and practices of your treatment facility is very important to your success. 

Step 2

Speaking of keeping an open mind, Step 2 in the 12-Step process addresses having faith in God or a higher power. Whether you come from a religious background or not, this step in the recovery process encourages accepting that you cannot recover on your own. Seeking help from God or a higher power allows you to put faith in someone or something greater than yourself. 

Your understanding and acceptance of Step 2 can help you internalize and practice many principles that drive your recovery. These principles include things such as asking for help, forgiveness, trust, and humility. 

Positivity and Openness in Practice

Understanding the importance of positive thinking and open-mindedness is only half the battle. It is critical to learn to recognize negative thought patterns and know what works for you to redirect that way of thinking. The sooner you identify negative thinking and address it, the easier it is to correct. 

First, identify what can cause or trigger your negativity and avoid these things, if possible. It could be a specific person or activity, or even a memory. Next, make a habit of checking in with yourself daily. How are you feeling? If you aren’t feeling well, consider what you might be able to do to help, even if it seems minor. 

Make it a point to identify things you are grateful for, and remind yourself of why you have chosen or plan to choose treatment. Try writing down small successes, and give yourself credit for the things you do well each day. This could even include making an effort to try something new! 

Adjusting your perspective to focus on the positive things in your life can really make a difference as you face adversity. Make an effort to be open to change, and to surrender to all aspects of treatment. Choosing to seek sobriety results in major positive changes. Being open and accepting of the process and making an effort to maintain a glass-half-full way of thinking is sure to aid in your recovery efforts. 

Choosing to see things in a positive light is important to your success and happiness in everyday life. When battling drug or alcohol addiction, it can be difficult to avoid negative thinking and keep an open mind when it comes to treatment. Making an effort to identify the good in situations can help you persevere through challenges and reach your goals. At Renaissance Ranch, we focus on your individual needs and will support you in staying optimistic and on track to recovery. At the ranch, we prioritize spiritual-based principles and will encourage you to keep an open mind in exploring these concepts as you participate in our programs. If you or someone you love is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, we would love to help. Choose to make a positive change today by calling Renaissance Ranch at (801) 308-8898.