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Reconnecting With Kids After Rehab

Sep 15, 2023

Addiction can have an effect on an entire family. We understand those who struggle with addiction can act in ways that result in hurting others. Although your addiction does not define you, it certainly can cause harm to loved ones. Seeking treatment is a brave choice that can have an immense effect on everyone involved. Fathers who have struggled with addiction may find that reconnecting with kids after treatment feels difficult. It is important to keep in mind that not all children will want to reconnect with a parent after treatment. There are healthy ways to cope with this potential struggle.

Reconnecting With Kids After Addiction Treatment

We know that a parent who has battled addiction in the past could have resulted in hurting their family. Addiction can impact the whole family. Kids especially can be affected immensely if their parent has a history of addiction. Reconnecting with kids after treatment may be a feasible goal for some men who have completed treatment with us at Renaissance Ranch. As alumni, you may now wonder how to go about reconnecting with your kids.

Children that have lived with a parent who struggled with addiction may struggle with mental illnesses of their own as a result. It is vital to provide resources to your kids if this is the case. Suggesting they talk to their own therapist could be helpful to them. Reconnecting with your kids may require putting some distance between yourself and your kids for some time. The distance could allow for children of a parent with addiction to work through their issues and then possibly come back to the relationship with a new perspective.

Sometimes treatment for addiction can mean fathers need to spend extended amounts of time away from their kids in order to start their recovery journey. This alone can be difficult on a father’s relationship with their kids. Younger kids may not be capable of fully understanding addiction or why their father needs to be away for any amount of time. We aim to empower men throughout treatment. We understand that the changes that treatment can result in are monumental.   

It is vital to most relationships that you take into account the other person’s feelings. This can be especially tricky for some fathers with addiction and their kids. This does not necessarily mean a parent-child relationship can not be mended. There are many ways in which you can work towards reconnecting with your kids after treatment. 

Ways to Work Towards Reconnecting With Kids

Mending a relationship with your kids after addiction treatment can be done. One way in which you can work towards this goal is to provide age-appropriate information. When kids of a father with an addiction are not given the chance to process the situation, it could have a negative impact. Kids need a safe space to process their feelings about their father’s addiction. Getting involved with family therapy could be one way to provide the needed support to your kids. 

Other ways alumni can work towards reconnecting with kids may include practicing staying open and honest. Depending on the age of the children, sharing thoughts and feelings with them can be beneficial. Modeling that being open about your struggles and successes can help kids to feel safe to do the same.

Some father-child relationships will need time in order to show the child it is safe to reconnect. We can imagine that when a parent struggles with addiction, the kids involved may not trust easily. This can feel hurtful to the father, but continuing to show your kids that you are in recovery is something you may want to consider. 

How to Cope if You Are Unable to Reconnect

Not every kid of a parent with addiction is going to want to reconnect. This can be distressing and cause hurt feelings. It is important to remember your addiction does not define you. You may also want to remain open to the idea that addiction resulted in your kids feeling hurt to an extent they feel can not be mended. This does not necessarily mean the relationship will never reconnect, but it is important to be understanding of their experience and give them what they need to heal.

Some ways you can cope in the case you are unable to reconnect with your kids could include regular outpatient therapy. Therapy is a safe space to process difficult emotions. In treatment at Renaissance Ranch, you would have experience with group therapy. Continuing to attend groups after treatment could be helpful to you as well.

We know addiction can have an effect on a man’s whole family. Remaining sober and continuing with your recovery amidst any difficulties reconnecting with kids is important. We believe everyone deserves recovery and hope to help men reconnect with their kids after treatment when possible.

We know addiction can cause some relationships to suffer. Reconnecting with your kids after struggling with addiction can be difficult for some men. Spending an extended amount of time away from your kids to get the necessary treatment can be important to your recovery. We understand that your kids may have been greatly impacted by the addiction. With all of this in mind, we want to provide you with resources and information in order to help you reconnect with your kids if possible. Please reach out to us today by calling (801) 308-8898 for additional information on how we can best help you as alumni to reconnect with your kids.