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Recovery Is a Process of Constant Change

Dec 21, 2021

Recovery is a process of constant change. Research in motivational interviewing explains there are five stages of change: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. Just by admitting your problem, you are making a change and preparing yourself to change your behaviors and your life. After recognizing your problem, the first change you make is evaluating who you are compared to who you want to be. With this evaluation, you can begin to take action. 

5 Stages of Change

#1. Pre-contemplation: At this stage, you do not admit your problem, and you are not ready to consider making a change. 

#2. Contemplation: At this stage, you have acknowledged your problem and are curious about changing while still uncertain if a change is possible or even necessary. Being ambivalent is not uncommon at this stage as you wonder what changes in your behavior would mean in your life. 

#3. Preparation: You develop a plan to change your behaviors and begin the recovery process at this stage. You recognize your need for change and are readying yourself to change your life.

#4. Action: You took steps to change your life and have been actively changing your behaviors and eliminating the use of alcohol and/or other substances. You are problem-solving and learning how to adapt to stressors without alcohol and/or other substances.

#5. Maintenance: This is one of the most challenging stages of change. In this stage, you learn how to problem-solve your needs and wants. In this stage, you are also rebuilding your life around the changes you want. As you continue in this stage, your risk of relapse dwindles, but you must stay vigilant and be willing to adapt if you’re going to maintain recovery.

As you begin rebuilding your life in sobriety, you will discover other changes in your self-concept, job, health, and family.

Changes in Your Self-Concept

Choosing recovery is a choice to live your life without the cloud of alcohol and/or other substances numbing you from life. When you choose recovery, you are choosing to change your life and your self-perspective. Suddenly, you are faced with sobriety and feel overwhelmed by your choices and your history. Facing the reality of your life brings about monumental change. Choosing health is a significant change from the choices you made in your past. 

Asking for help from a sponsor, friend, or family member will help you understand your past and motivate you to move forward and make healthier decisions. These healthier decisions will bring you closer to the person you want to be, making a difference one day at a time.

You will also discover you have more strength and self-control than you previously thought. These newfound strengths will boost your self-confidence and make you more willing to try new things. 

Changes in Your Occupational Experience

Sobriety will change your life at work. Suddenly, you will be better able to focus. You will be more present for your coworkers. You will also know if what you are doing for your job is what you want. Exploring new opportunities and making changes in your work life becomes an even greater possibility when in recovery. You will be able to enjoy your work or find something more enjoyable. Changing jobs or your outlook on your current job is an amazing occupational benefit of the recovery process.

Changes in Your Health

In recovery, your health will improve dramatically. Your weight will stabilize. Your skin will improve. You will have more energy and brainpower. You will feel a dramatic difference in your physical well-being.

Changes in Your Family

As you move forward with the transformation that comes with recovery, your relationship with your friends and family will change. Communication will become easier. Your friends and family will relearn how to trust you. You will have to mend some relationships and let other relationships go if you cannot repair them. Your social life experience will change for the better. These changes may feel overwhelming at first but are critical to your need for support and accountability. Accountability and support will help you avoid relapse and build your self-worth.

Recovery Is All About Change

At Renaissance Ranch, we understand recovery is a significant life change from dysfunctional behaviors with alcohol and/or other substances to a life of positive choices. Recovery is a complicated process you decide to undertake after recognizing your problems and becoming willing to change. The entire process of recovery is changing how you look at life. You changed the moment you realized you had a problem, and you will continue to change with every passing day. 

Recovery is the process of changing your behaviors and building the life you want and were created to experience. As you pursue this change, you will develop a greater sense of self about who you are, your job, your health, and your family. At Renaissance Ranch, we recognize you as an individual trying to change your life. We do not judge and can help you make sustainable changes. We offer support starting with detox, continuing into aftercare with a sober living home and our alumni network, the Band of Brothers. We believe in your ability to change. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction to alcohol and/or other substances, we are here to help. Contact Renaissance Ranch at (801) 308-8898 and discover how we can help you make the changes in your life for sustainable recovery. There is hope for a brighter future; you do not have to make these changes alone.