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01 Jun Signs of Sex Addiction in Your Life Part 1

Around 12 million adults in the United States are classified as sex addicts. The truth is that sex addiction is far more prevalent than a lot of people realize, and is potentially as widespread as alcoholism. Despite the numbers of known sex addicts, there are even more who go under the radar. While one of these signs doesn’t necessarily mean you struggle with sex addiction, multiple of them might. Here are some signs that could mean you also struggle with sex addiction…

You don’t consider consequences of sexual activity

One aspect of sex addiction is that you routinely engage in riskier sexual activity, and entirely neglect the consequences. This could mean having unprotected sex with a stranger, or even risks like engaging in sexual activity where you are highly likely to get caught and suffer consequences that affect your relationships or career.

It takes more to be sexually satisfied

There is nothing inherently wrong with having a certain kink that gets you going, sexually. However, if you find yourself continuously needing to amplify the scale of sexual behavior and engage with more and more kinks to feel sexually satisfied, then there might be some underlying mental disorder behind your sexual activity that you need to examine, especially if these kinks end up becoming more and more dangerous behavior.

You can’t hold down relationships because of sex

Sex addiction gets in the way of people’s ability to have meaningful relationships, by its very nature. Relationships need intimacy to work, and sex addiction distorts intimacy in a way that is incredibly damaging. If you continuously find yourself unable to hold down a relationship due to sexual reasons, then there might be something else going on. For example, if every relationship you have ends because you can’t help but cheat on that person, then your behavior might be completely out of control and qualify as sex addiction.

You objectify other people

If you tend to dehumanize individuals in a sexual way, then your sexual behavior is unhealthy and definitely needs to be looked at. This is notably different from sociopathic tendencies, where you don’t care about people, in general, because you only objectify them in sexual situations.

Sex gets in the way of other aspects of life

Sex addiction means that your priorities get rearranged so that sex is always on the top of your mind. As such, it gets in the way of every other priority that should matter to you, whether that be your career, family or friend relationships, romantic relationships, education, or even health and hygiene.

This article is continued in part 2.

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