Renaissance Ranch

The Role of Structure in Recovery

Mar 17, 2022

A lack of structure can create a lack of trustability. This is especially true if you are struggling with abuse of alcohol and/or other substances. You may turn to comforts instead of focusing on how you can structure your life to be better. 

You are not alone in this lack of structure. Most people struggle with structure. As a result, many are frustrated by their lives and feel they are just spinning their wheels and unable to achieve their goals. 

The solution for this lack of structure begins with setting priorities and starting the process of recovery. This is not just with alcohol and/or other substances, but also with other habits that make you unlikely to succeed in your desires for your life.

Make a Decision to Be Less Messy

The first step to recovery and the building of structure in your life is choosing to be less messy. Sticking to a structured routine is difficult and can also be frustrating.

So, start small with one decision at a time. Remember that recovery does not occur overnight. The development of a structure for recovery does not, either. Therefore, making the decision is the first step.

The second step is developing an action plan. What do you want your structure to look like? What do you want to be doing instead of using alcohol and/or other substances, binge-watching television, or turning to other comforts? Make a decision about what you want in your life: to numb out, or to live.

Evidence for Structure

The Surgeon General reports that only one in ten persons struggling with a substance use disorder receives formal treatment. Their report goes on to explain how treatment and sticking to treatment is one of the biggest determinants of success in overcoming abuse of alcohol and/or other substances. Treatment often means structure. The Surgeon General explained the value of treatment facilities and 12-Step groups. 

Treatment facilities such as Renaissance Ranch follow the 12-Step principles and incorporate spirituality into their treatment. At Renaissance Ranch, we are focused on helping you build a structure for your life after treatment, to ensure your success in recovery as well as in building your best life.

Having a form of structure in your life has been touted as one of the best personal movements for success. People do not “luck” into success, they work at it. 

“Just Do It”

The Nike catchphrase “Just Do It” has become a standard and common phrase for most people. Sometimes the phrase is used to pressure individuals into dangerous behaviors. When it comes to recovery, this phrase can mean pushing through the bad days. Just choose to recover. Just read a book. Just eat breakfast. Just get rid of your paraphernalia. “Just Do It.”

You need not be a victim to old behaviors; you can create a new structure for your life and ensure your success in recovery. Having a form of structure can make or break your recovery. 

Developing structure begins with a plan. What do you want to change? How do you want your life to look? If you need help, make a call to a trusted and healthy friend and ask for advice. If you want treatment, make a call to a facility and ask for help. At Renaissance Ranch, we are always ready to take your calls, or even answer questions on our website. 

Making a change does not have to be difficult. Start small and do not be afraid to ask for help.

Making Revisions

Keep in mind that you must revisit and revise your structure. Creating a working structure for your life takes time to perfect. If you find yourself struggling with an aspect of your recovery and building structure, ask yourself what is or is not working. Do not stick to a plan that is not working. 

Plans must be changed as you grow. You may find yourself needing to grow your structure as you continue in recovery. At the beginning of recovery, many folks say that using 12-Step programs to attend 90 meetings in 90 days is a way of starting to build that structure for effective recovery. As you continue, you may find you need fewer meetings and more support from your friends, family, or community in other ways. 

Building a life beyond substance use disorder requires structure. The only way to repair a life that is not working is to develop a plan and structure to create the life you want. Goals require a plan and structure to make them happen.

Developing structure in recovery is often overlooked by those who are not in treatment or those just in the beginning stages. Admitting you have a problem with alcohol and/or other substances is the first step to recovery. Another important step is developing the structure in your life to ensure your success. Asking for help from a treatment provider can help you begin to develop the structure for change in your life. At Renaissance Ranch, we offer a variety of treatment options from detox treatment, residential, outpatient, and a sober living home. We recognize every client has different needs and desires for his life and want to ensure you reach those goals. We do this by helping you identify, plan, and develop a structure for your life after treatment to help you reach those goals. Furthermore, we provide post-treatment support through our Band of Brothers Alumni group. Call us today at (801) 308-8898 and learn how we can help you.