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At Renaissance Ranch, we know that family support is essential to the success of our clients.  The disease of addiction affects all members of the family.

Our philosophy is centered on looking at the family as a system, using LDS based principles to families find peace and strength over addiction. If the family system does not change and the family members do not do their recovery work, the same dysfunctional styles of communication and interaction pose a threat to the sobriety of all members of the family.

Our Family Counseling Program is five months of education that focuses on the Family Systems Model along with the work of Virginia Satir.  It is also consistent with the Al-Anon program’s approach and explanation of the family disease model.  Family Group meets each week on Wednesday nights.

We also offer the Family Retreat that covers three days of focused education, discussion, processing and experiential work that enables family members to experience their own treatment process and increase self-awareness and emotional healing.

The Family Retreat experience will address several topics that include but are not limited to:

There is no additional cost for family members to participate in our Family Program.

Families can make a difference by seeking help – not just for the alcoholic/addict – but for the entire family system.


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Family Information

1. Orientation

Client is on restriction from phone calls and visits for the first 7 to 10 days of the treatment & orientation process.

2. Family Group

Meets every Wednesday evening from 6:00pm – 9:00pm. Involvement in the family group will be determined by the individual needs of each client. ***Following a 10-14 day evaluation period, appropriate family member will be notified by Kris Groves and given relevant information. ***

3. Visitation

Every Monday evening from 7:00pm – 8:50pm, and is for family members only. Visitors must be approved by Renaissance Ranch. Any items brought in by family must be cleared by Renaissance Ranch Staff. Please do not bring in any food, beverages, or snack items of any kind. Noncompliance will result in loss of visitation privilege, and can result in discharge of client. ***Family members cannot be on the premises at any time if under the influence of potentially mood altering, addictive substances. This includes any such prescribed medications. ***

4. Due to Confidentiality

Renaissance Ranch may not share
information with family members regarding treatment. This is necessary to create, and preserve, an atmosphere of safety and trust in which to provide the most quality treatment for our adult clients.

5. Renaissance Ranch Contacts Are As Follows

  • Kris Groves: Information regarding family program.
  • Preston Dixon: billing information; administrative concerns.
  • Chris Hazelton: general client information after intake.
  • Sherman Robinson: Admissions information only.

***After intake, please direct treatment, family, or general questions to Preston Dixon, Kris Groves,
or Chris Hazelton. ***