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What Do Healthy Social Relationships Look Like in Recovery?

Sep 8, 2023

Having healthy social relationships is essential in recovery. Some people who have struggled with addiction may also struggle with knowing what a healthy relationship is like. We understand that meaningful healthy social relationships could be a new concept to someone in recovery. We want to help you learn how to manage healthy social relationships, which can help in long-term recovery.

The Importance of Healthy Social Relationships in Recovery

Having people in your life which you can depend on to be there for you in healthy ways is key to your recovery from addiction. Whether outgoing or more reserved, we all need social relationships. Renaissance Ranch believes there is great importance to healthy social relationships for people who are in recovery for many reasons. We also understand that a healthy relationship takes work and may be more difficult for those in recovery. Finding new people to interact with in healthy ways may seem scary. The Band of Brothers for our alumni may be a great place to start if you are in search of healthy social relationships.

There are many reasons why healthy social relationships are essential for us to have. It may be even more important for those in recovery. Healthy relationships can allow for enjoyable interactions and connections. This can help individuals in recovery to feel there are people available to offer a listening ear. In a healthy social relationship, we do not necessarily need the other person to solve our problems for us, we often just need someone who cares to listen, which is beneficial when in recovery.

Other examples of why healthy relationships are important could include having someone who can point out when they notice you struggling. Again, it is not your friend’s responsibility to fix your problems. Working on your own struggles and learning how to manage them is for your personal journey. Having people who can see from a different perspective when you may be slipping can be helpful for you to recognize and acknowledge when something needs to change. 

Managing a Healthy Social Relationship

People from all walks of life can struggle to keep healthy relationships. As a treatment facility, our staff can help support you throughout your recovery journey. We also want to help you learn what other healthy relationships can look like. Managing a healthy social relationship is not always easy. Sometimes conflict comes up in healthy relationships. When this happens, you will want to know how what is best to do moving forward. Avoiding issues between you and another individual is not typically a healthy response.

Managing healthy social relationships can look like checking in with yourself. Ensuring that the other people involved are supporting you in the ways you need is important. Being able to set boundaries and talk about things important to you is healthy. It is also healthy not having to worry about how setting a boundary is received by the other person. 

Some people feel uncomfortable with setting boundaries. It is important that as someone in recovery from addiction or substance use disorder, there are boundaries. Some could view setting boundaries as conflict so we must stress that letting people know what you can or can’t be involved in is not inherently bad. It can allow the other person involved to have an understanding of what you need in the relationship. When boundaries are not respected, it may be a sign the social relationship is not right for you.

How to Navigate When a Relationship Is Not Healthy

Unhealthy relationships are bound to come up throughout life. It can be difficult for some people to end relationships that are not good for them for a variety of reasons. When in recovery, it is essential to your sobriety that you are aware of any unhealthy social relationships. This can look different from person to person, but essentially, you must put your energy and effort into healthy social relationships. Leaving behind a relationship you once were a part of can be hard, but your sobriety is what’s most important.

If you notice that a relationship is not healthy, it may not mean it has to end completely. Social relationships are not necessarily black or white. If parts of a relationship are healthy but other parts of it aren’t, you may try distancing yourself from engaging in the parts that are not good for you. Recovery is a life-long journey, but having healthy social relationships can make that journey more enjoyable. At Renaissance Ranch, we also want to help you to know how to repair relationships that are worth saving to you and your recovery. We can assist you with this through a variety of therapies

Therapy can help you to understand yourself better which can help you to know what you value in social relationships. Therapy is a safe space, and healthy social relationships should feel similar. We understand that when in recovery, some people you were once involved with may no longer be good for your sobriety. If your sobriety feels like it is in jeopardy when involved with certain people, this is another sign it may not be the social relationship for you.

Maintaining healthy social relationships can take work, but we understand there is great importance in having healthy social relationships when in recovery. We want to help you to best understand yourself and your needs in social relationships. Recovery is a life-long journey, and having healthy social relationships to interact with is essential to your recovery. We understand it can be daunting to challenge the relationships you have or to find new ones. With that in mind, we can help you throughout your recovery journey and want to best support you in the social relationships you can obtain throughout the process. Please call (801) 308-8898 for additional information on how we can best support you.