Why Spiritual Commitment Is Vital to Treatment

May 27, 2021

Why Spiritual Commitment Is Vital to Treatment

Renaissance Ranch believes that “Treating both the body and the soul offers our patients the best chance at recovery.” In other words, we are passionate about overall, inside-out recovery. Mind, body, and spirit must all recuperate to guarantee full healing from drug addiction.

It’s easy to see drug addiction recovery as a physical process since the body must physically detox. It’s even easier to notice the body’s physical fight against drugs and substance abuse as a person trudges through an intense season of withdrawals — shakes and sweats are clear, obvious, and visual to all.

Then there’s the mind. The mental part of recovery is slightly easier to hide, but it’s still a simple process for most to spot. It’s evident when a person in recovery actively pursues therapy appointments, as well as when anxious, hyperactive symptoms of anxiety decrease or less suppressive, isolated symptoms of depression decrease.

However, spiritual healing is an internal process that isn’t always easy to identify from the outside. Sometimes, people feel awkward explaining their spiritual journey, and other times, they don’t truly understand just what is going on within their spirit. Few recovery facilities offer a Christian-based treatment that provides spiritual grounding through the process, but Renaissance Ranch offers long-term meaning behind healing.

A commitment to reclaiming a healthy life requires true, consistent growth from a spiritual place. In fact, this growth is necessary for overall, enduring recovery. Here’s why spiritual commitment is vital to treatment and how to integrate spirituality in recovery from addiction.

Spiritual Commitment Dictates Mental Commitment

A recent UK study on the impact of spirituality on mental health found that spiritual grounding fights against depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. Spiritual commitment keeps mental health in check while giving purpose to the process of drug addiction recovery and rehabilitation. This does not mean that a person with great faith will not experience mental health problems or cravings and relapses. What it does mean is that a person who sees their worth beyond struggles or addiction has an extra “power source” and reason to show up to the hardest parts of life each day.

The UK Mental Health Foundation found that spiritual awareness not only protects against heavy bouts of anxiety and depression, but it also gives people a sense of deep-rooted meaning, and “a loss of that meaning can remove from an individual the power to cope with life’s difficulties.”

Life’s difficulties are impossible to avoid, but drug addiction recovery is its own feat that shouldn’t be counted out. When temptation arises to revert to old, unhealthy vices, it’s crucial for spiritual and mental health to tag-team to combat any anxiety, depression, or negative thought patterns that serve as stumbling blocks for returning to harmful physical habits.

Renaissance Ranch offers a variety of mental health treatment programs with Master’s level therapists and doctors who can aid in: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psycho-Education Therapy, and Group Psychotherapy. These programs combine mental and spiritual health to create tools that combat drug addiction from the inside out, giving the mind and spirit room to fight for the overall health of the body.

Spiritual Commitment Dictates Physical Commitment

The 28-time Olympic medalist Michael Phelps admits that he has struggled with severe, suicidal depression: “I remember sitting in my room for four or five days not wanting to be alive, not talking to anybody. That was a struggle for me…I reached that point where I finally realized I couldn’t do it alone.”

Phelps is the most decorated Olympian in history, a true athlete, the pinnacle of physical fitness. But why the mental health crash? Why the sudden need to neglect his body’s basic physical needs for days on end?

In 2016, Phelps publicly stated that he converted to Christianity, and suddenly, life had meaning outside his physical performance: “Phelps seems to have a better sense of who he is in the grand scheme of things, and what really matters. He understands that gold medals — no matter how many one can accumulate — have no power to save.”

Phelps will go down in sports history, no doubt, but his physical abilities were linked to his mental health, and when that was in decline, all physical matters seemed to no longer matter. Meanwhile, his mental health was tied to his spirituality. The second that he found spiritual commitment to Christ, his mental health shifted, and his willpower to take care of his body, and fight for his life, became a calling he wouldn’t ignore.

Mind and body hold no eternal purpose apart from the spirit, which is why it’s key that the spirit is prioritized in the healing process of addiction recovery. Here at Renaissance Ranch, we recognize this crucial factor to overall recovery and offer treatment programs that address all needs in all three areas. We have doctors, therapists, and staff available who can provide professional assistance in all areas as you continue your recovery journey. It’s important that those in our program find fulfillment for both their body and soul, and we encourage each of you to reach out with any and all questions regarding mind, body, and spirit healing from drug addiction. Our staff are here as your constant partners in this journey, and we are always available if you are struggling with self-harm, lacking a sense of purpose, or feeling hopeless. To discover our treatment options, please contact us today at (801) 308-8898.