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How Spirituality Can Strengthen Your Recovery

Sep 15, 2015

Many will tell you of the benefits that come with a faith-based recovery from addiction, and we are no exception. Here at Renaissance Ranch, we believe that true recovery involves spiritual healing, and we have found that this approach is been the most successful for ensuring long-term freedom from addiction. No matter what your religious background may be, there is likely a way that you can involve spirituality in your life. Here are some of the many ways that spirituality can strengthen your recovery.

Spirituality is one aspect of overall health.

In addition to emotional, mental, and physical health, there is spiritual health. A well-rounded recovery, then, will address not only emotional, mental, and physical needs, but also spiritual ones. When you include spirituality in your recovery, you are opening the way to enjoying stronger overall happiness in your life post-addiction.

You’ll have firm values to stand on.

Spirituality can also help you to reconnect with firm values that you want to stand by as you navigate recovery. It can help to hold you accountable for sticking to those values, and remind you of those values on a regular basis. Certain beliefs that are associated with your faith—a belief in the afterlife or a belief in karma, for example—might also give you an added goal to strive for during your recovery.

You will recognize what you are grateful for.

One common aspect of spirituality is regularly recognizing the things you are grateful for. Gratitude can help you to maintain a positive attitude during recovery and is known to contribute to your overall happiness.

Prayer or meditation can reduce stress.

Prayer and meditation are great ways to reduce stress and to put your battles into the proper perspective. Stress management is highly important in addiction recovery because stress is one of the most common triggers for relapse.

You’ll reconnect with your true self.

Addiction has a way of causing a disconnect between you and your spirituality, which in turn causes you to lose touch with part of your identity. Involving spirituality in your recovery, then, will help you to reestablish that connection with your true self. Many struggle with reconstructing an identity after addiction, and spirituality could be just what you need to do that after becoming sober.

Sobriety can actually help you get your spirituality back.

If you have felt during times of addiction that your spirituality is lacking, you may very well be seeking to bring that spirituality back into your life. Recovery can help you get there, and you can even make increased spirituality a goal you work towards as you strive to become clean.

You’ll connect with something greater.

Many turn to substances seeking “something more.” These people will find along the way, however, that addictive substances only make false promises in this regard. Spirituality, on the other hand, can deliver what addiction promised. Spirituality connects you with something greater that not only offers lasting happiness, but also gives you added strength as you enter recovery from addiction.
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