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Why Spiritual Healing Is Important

Oct 9, 2022

With treatment and recovery often comes healing. If you have struggled with drug or alcohol addiction, you are likely in need of healing in several, if not all areas of your life. Healing can occur physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Physical healing, when it comes to addiction recovery, refers to your body cleansing from toxins and learning to function again without substances. Addiction can take a huge toll on your body, causing organs to function poorly, brain processes to be impacted, appetite and digestive issues, and more. Beginning with detox, your body can rid itself of all substances and start fresh. This is where the physical healing begins. 

Mental healing begins the moment you decide to seek help. You come to terms with the fact that you have lost control and need treatment for your addiction. Just as substances affect the physical body, they affect the mind as well. You may see shifts in your mood, perspective, and overall thought patterns as you begin to heal and prioritize your mental health in recovery. 

During treatment and recovery, you also may experience some spiritual healing. Maybe you come from a religious family, or maybe you have never considered yourself a very spiritual or religious person. Either way, being open to spiritual healing and growth throughout the treatment and recovery process can be very beneficial. A few of these benefits are discussed below. 


So, why is spiritual healing important? Even if you are new to exploring the idea of God or a higher power, learning more about this concept during treatment can have many advantages. As you may know, many of the Twelve Steps reference God or a higher power. Examples include putting your trust in a higher power to help you overcome addiction, admission of wrongs to God, conscious contact with God, etc.

Putting your faith in God during treatment and recovery can restore a sense of hope. You can seek forgiveness for the decisions you have made that have led to your addiction and can ask for guidance moving forward in your recovery.


Through spiritual healing, you may find a deeper connection with God or a higher power. This can often be built through prayer. Prayer offers many benefits during recovery. You may find yourself feeling very isolated and alone at times. Knowing that God is always there to listen and support you through the process can be very heartening. 

You are bound to encounter adversity throughout your recovery journey. By developing a habit and routine of turning to God through prayer when things get tough, you will be better equipped to navigate these challenges. 


Spiritual healing can also create a sense of belonging and offer opportunities for fellowship. Attending church meetings and small group sessions with others who are striving to connect with God or a higher power during their journey to recovery can be very comforting. You will feel as though you belong and can establish accountability among others who are going through similar experiences. 

Spiritual healing may not be the first type of healing that comes to mind when you think about treatment and recovery for addiction, but it is critical. To fully benefit from the 12-Step process and treatment programs, spiritual strength and connection are key. This involves not only a connection with God or a higher power but also with yourself. 


How do you heal spiritually? This can vary from person to person. A few common activities could include things like consistent prayer. Praying daily, or even more often, can strengthen your relationship with God or a higher power and establish prayer as a consistent part of your routine. This helps insert some positivity, hope, and accountability into each day. 

Meditation can also strengthen your spirituality. Meditating encourages mindfulness, which means sitting with yourself and your thoughts at the moment. You work to focus only on the present. This might mean focusing on your immediate surroundings, thoughts, feelings, or needs. This helps foster your connection with your inner self and promotes better self-awareness and coping. 

Giving back or connecting with the community can also help with spiritual healing and growth. By participating in groups or attending meetings that require some vulnerability or sharing, you can further develop your connection with your thoughts and feelings while helping and inspiring others. 

Spiritual healing is a critical component of the recovery process and is always a work in progress. There is always room for improvement when it comes to your spiritual connection with God or a higher power, and even with yourself. 

When it comes to healing from drug or alcohol addiction, spirituality plays an important role. Having a good relationship with God or a higher power as you recover can be helpful in many ways. Spiritual healing is something that Renaissance Ranch prioritizes and implements into our treatment program. We use faith-based principles in combination with other evidence-based practices to ensure our clients leave treatment with the tools they need to be successful in recovery. We offer church services, small groups, and individual faith-based therapies to help facilitate spiritual healing and growth throughout the treatment experience. We believe in the healing power of God and want to share that hope with our clients. If you or someone you care about is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, we would love to help. To begin your journey to recovery, call Renaissance Ranch today at (801) 308-8898.