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You Are Worthy of Treatment

Feb 15, 2023

How do you determine your self-worth? Do you base it on your achievements or your financial status? Maybe you find your worth in maintaining successful relationships or meeting your goals. If you are striving to overcome addiction, you may be struggling with your self-worth. It is important to know that regardless of your struggles, you are worthy of treatment. 

Substance abuse has a way of bringing you down. Even when you try to make good decisions and change your habits, addiction sucks you back in. This can take a toll on your mental and physical health. It can be tough to find hope and stay motivated. 


Let’s talk a little bit about self-worth itself. What is it, really? Self-worth refers to the value you believe you hold. Your value or self-worth can sometimes fluctuate depending on the circumstances surrounding you. While this should not be the case, difficult situations and challenges can cause you to question yourself and create some doubt. 

Self-worth can also involve confidence. Often, if you lack confidence you may value yourself less. Confidence and a high sense of self, even amidst addiction, are so very important. In fact, in the face of adversity, valuing yourself is essential to getting through it. 

Addiction and Self-Worth

What happens to your self-worth when addiction consumes you? Substances can often cause you to lose sight of your strengths and talents. You may become disinterested in hobbies, activities, and even people you used to enjoy. 

Substances are destructive in a variety of ways. They can deprive you of energy, focus, and motivation. Drugs and alcohol can be very damaging to your physical body. Your brain functioning and mental health also suffer tremendously. With substances affecting your mind and body so negatively, finding any hope for a better life can feel impossible. 

Discovering enough self-worth to seek treatment for your addiction is critical. Others can try their hardest to encourage you to get help, but you have to make the decision and have the desire to want to help yourself. What can drive this decision? Believing you are worthy of a better life in recovery is the ticket. 

Courage to Call

Many may not understand the courage it takes to ask for help. If you have experienced rock bottom and have felt the desperation addiction creates, you can probably relate. You feel incredibly hopeless, but also desperate for freedom from the grip substances have over you. 

Believing you are worthy of receiving help is the first step in mustering up the courage to actually seek it. Consider everything you could have and achieve if it weren’t for drugs or alcohol. Imagine the relationships you could have or mend in the future. Picture the opportunities that await in recovery. These are the thoughts that can remind you of your worth and potential. 

Finding Self-Worth in Treatment and Recovery

Once you decide to seek treatment for your addiction, you can begin to repair the mental and emotional damage caused by drugs and alcohol. Substances can trick you into believing you are nothing without them. After going through detox and participating in some program activities, you will likely have a refreshed sense of self and confidence in what you can achieve moving forward. 

During treatment, you are likely to discover new hobbies and skills. This not only helps you build a new, healthy lifestyle but also increases confidence. Setting intentional goals and creating structure around your new skills and hobbies can create positive routines you can carry into life after treatment. 

You are also likely to meet new people during treatment who can serve as excellent supporters or accountability partners in recovery. You will be surrounded by others who have either gone through something similar or are experiencing the very same things currently. This helps to create a sense of community and understanding that cuts through the isolation addiction tends to create. 

Treatment also involves some talk therapy and group sessions that will help you better understand yourself and how to navigate your new life in recovery. It is important to understand yourself and what may have led to your substance abuse. With this knowledge, you can feel empowered to cope with the challenges you may face in recovery. 

Seeking treatment requires some self-respect and self-worth, even if just a small amount. Finding this while you are in the thick of addiction is easier said than done. Considering what you can have, or maybe what you have lost as a result of your substance use, can sometimes help. Or you may find your self-worth in some underlying strengths or skills that still seem to surface from time to time despite your situation. Know that you are worthy of treatment and can live a life without drugs and alcohol. 

Self-worth is a huge driving force when it comes to seeking treatment and success in recovery. For many, addiction can create feelings of hopelessness, defeat, and dread. It is important to try to suppress these thoughts and feelings and focus on what you could have and achieve in recovery. At Renaissance Ranch, we understand the value of self-worth and confidence and the role these things can play in treatment and recovery. Our staff strives to understand and individually support the needs of every client to ensure they leave with the tools and confidence they need to succeed. If you or someone you love is striving to overcome addiction, call Renaissance Ranch today at (801) 308-8898.