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How Getting Clean Improves Physical Wellness

Jan 13, 2023

The struggle to be physically well these days is a real one. There are plenty of strategies and methods to try. New diets seem to emerge every week with tips about what you should avoid eating. There are gyms and opportunities to move your body right outside your doorstep. Despite all of these resources, it can still be tough to achieve physical wellness, especially if you are working on getting clean. 

Drugs and alcohol can take a huge toll on your overall well-being. They affect your ability to focus and communicate, prevent good quality sleep, and alter your thinking and behavior. Substances also negatively affect your physical body in ways that can be difficult to repair. 

Substances and Physical Wellness

What physical side effects of substance use do you notice? Do you experience headaches after a night of drinking heavily? Maybe your addiction has progressed to the point of getting headaches or other pain when you haven’t had a drink in a while. Perhaps you experience severe abdominal pain or changes to your appetite. Drugs and alcohol can also cause significant gastrointestinal upset, which can impact both appetite and digestion. 

Even worse than the side effects experienced while on substances can be the symptoms experienced as a result of being without them. Withdrawal can cause pretty significant physical discomfort. You may experience trembling, body aches, chills, unregulated body temperature, and other unpleasant symptoms. These physical side effects can be so uncomfortable that they drive the decision to continue using. 

This is one piece of the very large puzzle of addiction that makes the cycle tough to break. Despite the challenge, it is worth seeking help to improve your health. As discussed earlier, drugs and alcohol damage your body and deteriorate your physical well-being. The longer and more frequently you use and abuse substances, the more damage you can cause. 

Psychological Impacts

Aside from the physiological impacts of drugs and alcohol having a negative effect on your well-being, let’s consider the psychological impact as well. Substances alter the way in which your brain works, processes, and functions. Depending on the substances used, pre-existing conditions, and other factors, this can look different. What is important here, though, is that drugs and alcohol cause you to feel less like yourself. 

You are not getting good sleep, you might have heightened anxiety and irritability, you are struggling to perform well at work, and the list goes on. Doesn’t this sound like a recipe for distress and trouble? The truth is that although this all sounds very mental and emotional, psychological wellness is directly related to physical wellness. 

Your physical body will feel it when you are not feeling well mentally or emotionally. For example, you might feel muscle tension or experience headaches. Furthermore, you may have gastrointestinal issues or high blood pressure. As a result, you most certainly will not feel up to taking a walk or engaging in physical activity

When was the last time you felt motivated to go for a run after not sleeping well? That’s just it; drugs and alcohol disrupt so many processes and functions that allow you to thrive. Without good sleep, you are unlikely to be motivated to do much. You probably won’t make healthy food choices; you likely won’t make time for self-care, and, again, you most certainly won’t make it to the gym. 

Getting Clean and Physically Well

The great news is that you can turn it all around. By seeking help and getting help and seeking treatment for your addiction, you can begin to repair the damage caused by drugs and alcohol. Here is a glimpse into the process: 

1. Call

The first step toward getting your physical wellness back on track is making the decision to get clean. This can be easier said than done. Remember the withdrawal symptoms mentioned earlier? These can make the decision to stop using seem very daunting. Here is the great news: making the choice to get clean is often the most challenging part. Preparing yourself mentally to leave your old life behind is tough. But remember, it will be worth it!

2. Assessment

Next, you will receive a thorough assessment to determine your needs and the necessary level of care. This is critical to receiving an individualized plan and program to serve you best. 

3. Detox

If necessary, detox comes next. Detoxification is often offered in-house and will involve supervision and support around the clock to make it as seamless as possible. 

4. Treatment

Following detox, you will begin your treatment program. This is where your journey back to physical wellness and health begins. After removing toxins from drugs and alcohol from your body, you can finally begin to heal and feel well again from the inside out. 

Physical wellness is critical when it comes to overall comfort and quality of life. Without it, you might miss out on opportunities, making memories, and many other important things. Drugs and alcohol have many adverse effects on the body and can result in significant damage. Renaissance Ranch offers treatment programs for men that result in healing physically, mentally, and spiritually after addiction. We understand the toll it can take on health and wellness and use strategies to help clients repair the damage substances can cause. If you or someone you care about is in need of help for an addiction to drugs or alcohol, we would love to help. Call Renaissance Ranch today at (801) 308-8898.