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How to Celebrate Recovery Month

Sep 13, 2023

The month of September is recognized as National Recovery Month. Recovery Month began in 1989 and is a time to celebrate mental health and addiction recovery. Celebrating recovery is important to those who are in recovery, but also to those who have yet to start their journey. Sharing information about recovery and all it has to offer to better your life can be helpful for others who may be considering reaching out for help. 

You may be wondering about ways in which you can celebrate Recovery Month as someone who is in recovery. There are plenty of safe and enjoyable ways to celebrate without jeopardizing your recovery.

Celebrating Recovery Month in September

Recovery month is a time when individuals who have struggled with mental health or addiction can celebrate their achievements. Achievements in recovery can look different from person to person. There are many different ways individuals can celebrate their recovery with the community in safe ways. One example of celebrating recovery could include involvement with Renaissance Ranch’s Band of Brothers. Our Band of Brothers is a tight-knit group of men who keep each other accountable and support each other throughout recovery. Celebrating with other men who understand you and your journey is important to recovery. Of course, there are other ways to celebrate recovery outside of our treatment center.

National Recovery Month can be a time of the year when people come together. We can come together in the community to recognize that recovery takes hard work and dedication. It is a brave choice to recover. Although it may feel shameful to struggle with mental health or addiction, the more people come together and celebrate recovery, the less likely there will be room for shame to fester.

Self-Care During Recovery Month

Other ways in which you can celebrate during recovery month could include making extra time for self-care. Self-care is a key component of our mental health. Recognizing the hard work you have done throughout your recovery can be vital to maintaining your recovery long-term. Treating yourself with kindness and compassion throughout recovery is important. Learning how to do so may be uncomfortable at first. Viewing recovery month as an opportunity to practice extra self-care is a great way you can recognize the hard work you’ve done. 

Self-care examples during the month of September could include putting in effort to find a new hobby. Having enjoyment in life can be a key factor in maintaining your recovery. Other examples of self-care during recovery month could include things like spending time with friends and family or even planning something exciting like a trip to a recovery event in your area. There are many different recovery events throughout the month of September which you can attend to show support for yourself or someone you love.

Celebrating Recovery Month for People We Love

Recovery month can be a time when we celebrate the hard work of ourselves or the people we love. We understand that when someone we love is struggling with mental health or addiction, it can have an effect on others too. Recovery Month could be a perfect opportunity to celebrate the work our loved ones have put into their recovery. Recovery month can be for anyone and can be of great value to the ones we love. 

Even if you personally do not feel directly impacted by your mental health or addiction struggles, it is likely someone you know has been. This is important to remember so that in the month of September we can be supportive of those who have struggled directly from mental health or addiction. Learning about mental health and addiction during recovery month is just as important as celebrating. 

Raising Awareness During Recovery Month

Recovery Month is a time not only to celebrate but to raise awareness too. Renaissance Ranch, located in Utah, is just one place where you can celebrate Recovery Month. There are many recovery-related events you can attend during Recovery Month. These events can be great safe spaces to spend time out in the community. Raising awareness can include attending these types of events, sharing your recovery story, or spreading information to others about mental health and addiction. 

Recovery Day is one specific event in Utah that individuals can attend to celebrate and raise awareness about recovery. Raising awareness is important to the community. The more information that is shared, the more likely others could feel comfortable coming forward. We know this can help others or someone you love. There are unfortunately still stigmas surrounding mental health and addiction. When individuals who have gotten treatment share life-saving information about their journey, others could feel more comfortable in seeking treatment too. 

Recovery Month is an important time of the year to support anyone who has struggled with their mental health or addiction. We can come together during this time to support each other and show compassion to ourselves for all of the hard work put into recovery.

National Recovery Month in September is a time to celebrate recovery and raise awareness. Recovery Month is an important time of year for anyone who has known the struggle of mental health or addiction. Renaissance Ranch in Utah is just one example of where recovery month can be celebrated. Recovery month can be a time when you recognize the hard work you’ve done personally, or where you celebrate the hard work of someone you love. Regardless of how recovery month affects you, it is important that we continue to celebrate recovery. There are many different ways in which we can safely celebrate recovery month. Please call (801) 308-8898 for any additional information.