How to Find Strength Through Men’s Groups

Aug 21, 2022

Men’s groups are a great opportunity to open up about your past and current obstacles in a safe space to receive advice or support. Reaching a state of confidence that allows you to open up fully can take a great deal of strength. However, that strength is inside every one of us. Finding this strength can be used to help you open up and increase your faith in the process and encourage change for other group members.

What Strengths Do Men Have?

Each individual has their own set of strengths. You and your peers in recovery may share many similar strengths, and you may have completely different strengths. It is hard to pinpoint exactly which strengths each individual has, as each of you has countless strengths in various areas. However, when working to overcome addiction, men develop specific strengths that are essential to get to the point they are at today.


Every individual who goes through our program at Renaissance Ranch has some level of self-control. This may be an arguable strength, as you may feel that you are lacking self-control at many points through the recovery process. However, self-control is essential to work through recovery. The fact that you have made it this far shows that you have some level of self-control. 


Through the process of ups and downs when overcoming addiction, each individual at our facility has been shown to maintain some level of faith and spirituality. At times, it can be hard to hold onto your faith. The trust in God and the power you put into your faith have allowed each of you to grow spiritually. This strength is beyond the power that each of us has by our side.


Recognizing the problem of your addiction and seeking help requires you to have some level of self-awareness. Being aware of your addiction and the negative role that it plays in your own life and the lives of your family members is not always easy. By working through the recovery process with your family at home and Renaissance Ranch, you are showing your self-awareness and continuing to improve this strength through your journey.

Discover Your Strengths

As you continue to open up and group through men’s groups, you will often find new strengths that you acquire, unique to you. Finding these strengths and understanding what your strengths are can be challenging to accept, especially if you find yourself commonly experiencing low levels of self-esteem. 

Discovering your strengths may take some pondering. Think about which traits and aspects you can typically accomplish with little effort. Did you find yourself excelling in math as a child? Were you an avid reader? Do you have a quick reaction time? Are you always willing to lend a helping hand? Each of these strengths can potentially come more naturally to you. Think deeply about the things you often do and excel at. You will likely find more strengths in yourself than you anticipate.

How These Strengths Can Help You Grow

The three core strengths previously discussed, along with various others, are present to some extent when beginning the recovery process. As you work to overcome your addiction, your ability to control yourself, become more aware of your needs, and trust your faith will grow tremendously. As you see the positive results from your treatment, your faith and spirituality will grow, guiding you through your recovery journey.

By understanding your strengths and sharing them with your peers, you can all work together to support each other in maintaining your goals. By combining each other’s strengths, you can each see how strong of a group you are. You can use each other’s strengths to further support you in your weaknesses. If a peer of yours is very good at positive thinking, they can help you counteract your negative thoughts if that is something you struggle to overcome.

Using Your Strengths as a Group

Using each other’s strengths can help each member of a group grow in the areas they need to work on and support others with their areas of strength. With teamwork and faith, we can all reach our goals and overcome our addictions together. You may even be able to help a peer discover one of their strengths, allowing them to pass on the knowledge they have gained.

By using a strength-based approach to recovery, you can use each other’s strengths to help everyone grow together as a group. This can allow each individual to feel comfortable in a men’s group and contribute to everyone’s success in their unique way.

Men’s groups are a great way to discover your strengths and use your strengths to help others succeed. Determining what your strengths are can be a challenge. However, you have more strengths already developed than you likely anticipate. Observing things that you often succeed at that come naturally to you can help you discover some of your strengths. By being in recovery and overcoming addiction, you have the strength of self-control, self-awareness, and faithfulness. When you discover other strengths, you can help individuals within your group to learn those strengths from you. You can also work on areas in which others may have strength to overcome addiction as a team. By continuing to work through your recovery and living your life on a spiritual basis, you can ensure you are continuing to build and discover your strengths. To learn more, contact Renaissance Ranch at (801) 308-8898.