Renaissance Ranch

How To Get Involved in a New Recovery Community After Moving

Aug 6, 2023

We believe staying involved in the recovery community is vital to your sobriety. We know life can be unpredictable, and even in the case that it is planned, moving to a new city or state happens and can be a big change. It can be difficult for some individuals to adjust after moving. This can make sobriety even more difficult, so we want to ensure our clients get involved with a new recovery community after moving.

Reasons Why Recovery Communities Are Beneficial to Alumni

Renaissance Ranch believes alumni can help each other stay sober. Connecting with other men who understand addiction recovery can help create a safe space outside of treatment. This is one reason why we have our Band of Brothers community. Recovery communities make it possible to interact with others who understand your struggles with addiction. It also gives you the opportunity to engage with life in new ways. This can be extremely important to your quality of life because it allows you to have new experiences with different people. 

We also understand that individuals move to different locations for a variety of reasons. If this is the case for you, you may be concerned about finding a new recovery community. It is important to your recovery that you stay involved in recovery communities. Recovery communities can give you a sense of belonging, which can help you stay sober. 

Finding people who support you can be key to your sobriety for many other reasons. We know that interacting with others in recovery can help to keep you accountable. Having friends in a community that you can rely on for support is crucial. This can give you the opportunity as an alumnus of Renaissance Ranch to be supportive of others too. We understand it can be easy to get comfortable in a community you have been a part of for any amount of time. We know that this could mean if you have moved to a new city or state, it can be intimidating to find a new recovery community to join.

How to Find a New Recovery Community

Finding a new recovery community may seem scary or difficult at first. It’s important to remember that having a community that supports you is going to be helpful to your recovery. There are many different ways in which you can find a new recovery community if you move. Sometimes completing a simple online search for recovery communities in your area can do the trick. Staying involved in the recovery community can be vital. We also understand that navigating a new location can be difficult. There is always the opportunity to find community on social media. Social media can be a great place to find a variety of people from all walks of life who are in recovery. 

Searching for a new recovery community can include looking for recovery groups you can attend. Recovery groups can be a safe space to meet new people who can guide you in the right direction to finding other recovery-focused people. Another way in which you can find others in recovery is by contacting other treatment centers. Some treatment centers in your area may be able to provide more resources too. Recovery podcasts also exist. This can give you additional information regarding recovery for occasions when you can not attend a support group. 

Ways You Can Be Involved With a New Recovery Community

Attending recovery events after you move can be a good way to meet more people in a new recovery community. There may be some discomfort or anxiety surrounding attending events in a new area. Try to remember how far you have come and why staying sober is important to you. This may not completely make the anxiety go away, but it could help motivate you to put yourself out of your comfort zone. 

There are many different events you can attend with a new recovery community. Each city or state may differ, so it’s important to reach out to resources in your area. National helplines or websites may be able to direct you to help you find access to other resources in your area.

After moving to a new location, we do not recommend waiting to find a new recovery community. Waiting, avoiding, or putting off finding a new recovery community to be a part of could be risky. We know that addiction can be isolating. If you begin to isolate because you have not found a new recovery community, it could jeopardize your sobriety. Recovery is a lifetime journey. We want to best support our alumni. In the case you move to a new city or state, we advise you to find other recovery resources in your new location for support.

There are many different reasons and circumstances that would result in you having to move to a new city or state. We have a recovery community that alumni can be a part of, but in case you relocate, it is important that you reach out and find a new recovery community. We believe staying involved in a recovery community is vital to you staying sober. We understand it can be difficult to move and reaching out to new people can be intimidating. We find it important that you do not isolate yourself if you move and that you find resources in your area to help you continue your recovery journey. Call (801) 308-8898 for additional information.