Is PHP or IOP Best for My Recovery Needs?

Aug 25, 2023

Beginning your sobriety journey in the level of care best suited for your needs is important to your recovery. We can offer intensive outpatient programs (IOP) or partial hospitalization programs (PHP) for our clients seeking treatment for addiction or substance use disorder (SUD). 

Deciding between IOP and PHP could feel like a difficult choice if you are unfamiliar with our process. Choosing PHP or IOP could be right for you if 24-hour support is not needed. Also, choosing PHP or IOP is not a choice you have to make alone. Our staff can help you determine which treatment is best for your recovery needs.

Do You Require PHP or IOP?

The most significant difference between IOP and PHP is how much time you will spend in treatment per week. Renaissance Ranch staff can be of assistance in making the choice between the IOP or PHP. In both IOP and PHP, you can start your recovery journey with a 12-Step program and a combination of other therapies. To help decide between IOP or PHP, we take into account what your needs are and how intense your treatment will need to be to best support your recovery. 

An example of clients we think would be right for our PHP or IOP treatment program include individuals who already have a healthy, supportive, and safe living situation. Individuals who work regularly and do not need to relocate for their treatment needs could also be a good fit for PHP or IOP. It is essential to remember that your sobriety is what’s most important. Some people are concerned about continuing to work while getting treatment. Remember that we can help provide support and resources regarding working after your treatment with us is complete. 

PHP and IOP are two treatment options we offer in Sandy, Utah. The facility is in a beautiful location that values families. If PHP or IOP is right for you, your family can take advantage of weekly groups and education classes. We want to support every man who comes to us, but we can also support your family. By us supporting your family, together we can better help you through your journey when you are ready to recover. Our outpatient treatment programs are some of the best. You will be in great hands and can expect to heal inside and out by completing PHP or IOP. 

What to Expect From IOP

Our IOP program consists of treatment for 4 days a week, for a minimum of 9 hours along with 1 individual session. In IOP, just like in any other program we offer, we can cater to your individual needs. Your family members can also receive support when you are in IOP. 

IOP could be the best fit for you if you are seeking recovery and do not need any detox services. There is evidence that shows there is great value and success for IOP clients who want help regarding their SUD or addiction. Our IOP could be considered a step down from residential treatment as well. Clients who have completed IOP can have outcomes as beneficial as that of individuals who have been to residential treatment. It all depends on what your specific needs are when you come to us for help.

For some, IOP can be a step down from a higher level of care, but that is not the case for everyone. Whether it is determined that IOP is right for you, or you step down to IOP, you can expect a successful outcome as long as you put in the work towards recovery.

What to Expect if PHP Is Best for Your Recovery Needs

Renaissance Ranch offers Day Treatment, also called partial hospitalization program, or PHP. If PHP is right for you, you will be in treatment for 5 days a week for around 20 hours total. Moreover, you will also have a minimum of 1 individual session per week. PHP could be the right fit for you if you require more intensive treatment or need more support than what IOP offers. Like IOP, PHP can provide support to both you and your family. 

Our PHP helps individuals who may need more structure in their treatment approach. With aftercare in place, studies on PHP show that this type of treatment can be very effective. Again, depending on each individual’s needs, placement in PHP will be determined by a number of factors. There is no shame in needing PHP versus IOP and vice versa. Everyone’s recovery journey is going to differ in some ways, but each man’s experience is valid. 

Regardless of which program is right for you, the men who complete treatment with us have great success in their sobriety even after being discharged. 

Our treatment has proven to be beneficial to men seeking recovery from SUD or addiction. We can help determine if IOP or PHP is the right place to start your recovery journey. IOP and PHP are offered in a beautiful location in our Sandy, Utah facility. We can help both you and your family during the time you are in IOP or PHP. For some, IOP or PHP can be a step down from a higher level of treatment, but others may be able to start their recovery in IOP or PHP. If IOP or PHP sounds like it could be right for you, please call (801) 308-8898 for more information and support today.