Jun 5, 2020

On your journey to practice the 12 Steps, you have taken a great amount of personal inventory and done your best to right your wrongs and modify your behavior. Step 12 is focused on service, which allows you to move outward in your recovery.

LDS Principles and the 12 Steps

One of the most Christlike attributes we can display is service to our fellow man. Performing acts of service will continue to draw you closer to Christ, helping strengthen your relationship with God and sobriety.

The Atonement and Recovery

Thanks to the gift of the atonement, you have the opportunity to continually become a new person through repentance. You may feel at a loss for ways you could possibly serve others as you navigate the 12 step recovery program. A simple service you can offer is to share your testimony of your recovery process, and the atonement’s role in helping you. Being an advocate for sobriety is one of the greatest gifts you can offer. You are proof that, with the right tools, we can overcome our trials.

Preparing Yourself to Serve

You may be familiar with the phrase, “You can’t draw from an empty well.” It means that unless you are conscientiously minding your own health and sobriety, filling your own well, you cannot effectively serve others. Be sure you’re immersing yourself in the study of the scriptures, meditation, and the steps of the recovery program.

Other ways to prepare yourself for serving include the following:

  • Share your testimony in public
  • Magnify any ecclesiastical calling you’re given
  • Share your talents
  • Host Family Home Evening with loved ones
  • Pray as an individual and as a family
  • Prepare for Temple worship
  • Complete family history work
  • Attend and participate in recovery meetings

Ways to Serve Others

Throughout your daily life, you can find ways to serve via thoughtful prayer. You will be led to individuals or organizations that can benefit from what you have to offer. Whether it be the simple act of being a listening ear, or something more tangible, you’ll find opportunities. Be mindful that sometimes you may give without discernible results. As long as you’re acting on kindness, it will be worth your efforts. The practice of serving others will continually remind you to be humble and respect that everyone has their agency.

Remember that no act of service is too small. Your actions can have a ripple effect you may never see.